Concepts and Estimates of the New Political Spectrum

The new political compass this article will present is meant to scale between two axes for the mindset of people following different political ideologies.  It is important to look at the old political compasses as to understand why a new one is needed.  Below is an example of the mainstream political compass paradigm (though there are variations).

The above spectrum would place generalized Communism in the upper left quadrant – and Fascism in the upper right, which is equated with National Socialism/NAZI party that in actuality are not synonymous with Facism.  This political compass is too superficial and wouldn’t be able to account for variation between the American Communist Party and the USSR of the past.  The libertarian right quadrant above would cluster Confederate, ANCAPS, Anarchists and Constitutionalists together, which shows no correlation in mindset or outcome.


Below is an example of a newer variation of the same type of political compass.  The above and below pictures might seem very different, but any changes of the latter from the former are arbitrary.  Both are based off of the wants or ideal goals of a political stance as opposed to the reasoning of those that chose to follow it.  The below compass is specified towards political divides in the current US system only, while the above compass has different terminology with the axes reversed to apply to an ever broader (more oversimplified) demographic.

Both of the above graphs are based on ideal outcomes and wants, yet the second is even more misleading because it is based off of a false premise.  There’s no such thing as equality in reality – the best possible outcome is equity.  There is also no such thing as total freedom; this whole graph is based off wants without a realistic approach to get close to either.  It is common that those who make equality or freedom their goal will end up under authoritarianism.  How can this compass accurately tell us anything at all about the people following it or other possible correlations?  This compass is in itself propaganda to make people base political stances off of emotional reasoning without considering realistic options.


The new political spectrum has a horizontal axis based off of a globalist vs nationalist mindset, while the vertical axis is based off of sustainable/realistic policy vs self-destructive/fantasy based policy.  For example, wanting no borders or indiscriminate immigration is a clear example of a globalist mentality.  Thinking that race or ancestry is a social construct is also a sign of globalist mentality.  In-group loyalty and wanting the best desired outcome for ones own people over other’s interest is an example of nationalist mentality.  Global expansion does not in and of itself indicate globalist mentality – keep in mind that global expansion is a way to promote nationalistic interests.  Globalist mindset is about no in-group loyalty.  Pacifism is an example of self-destructive/fantasy based policy, yet so is overestimating the need for aggression that will hurt one’s cause or constituents.  Sustainable/realistic policy is striving for efficiency that maintains natural order and the overall best interest of its followers.  The top half of the horizontal axis will establish a known merit-based hierarchy with an upward pull for preservation and have a pyramid of less micromanagement.  The bottom half of the horizontal axis will push the ideal of unattainable equality and/or total (yet unrealistic) freedom yet cause chaos leading to a need for authoritarianism.

The metric is not close to beeing fully worked out to scale graph points – below are some estimations.  There’s been a lot of trial and error going into the concepts behind the two axes that the metric will correspond to – the placement of each bullet point will likely change; the color coded quadrant is likely to stay the same.  This is a whole new political spectrum system that will take time to fully develop, yet the first step is getting the concepts out there.

A pattern started to develop:

-Bottom Left Square: Perpetual-victim based groups and total equality/freedom oxymoron promoters tend to fall under this area.

-Top Left Square: Humanist or Religious based groups tend to fall in this area.

-Bottom Right Square: The most abusive with the highest death tolls and grievances against their own and others.

-Top Right Square: Strongest empires or those with the most potential to lead to bringing greatness to their people.

-Horizontal axis: separates chaos/authoritarianism from merit based hierarchy.

-Vertical axis: separates overtly aggressive from passive-aggressive.


The patterns are based more on outcomes, while the graph placement is based on the mindset of the people in the political movements themselves.  This new political spectrum unintentionally showed a definite correlation between mindset of the follower and outcomes – the intentions or wants of the political parties are irrelevant.  This compass shows how the mindset of it’s followers makes Anarchists similar to the American Communist Party.