Leftists need to feel morally superior to others.  Their idealistic stances – instead of hard earned actions – give them the self-righteous assurance that they’re good people.  They judge the character of a person by what that person believes in theory – the merits of one’s actions are given no standing.  Leftists outsource the burden of their “morals” to others as if this makes them selfless, but without self-sacrifice it is the epitome of selfishness.

Since their entire drive stems from pathos, it is no wonder that the left has developed extreme emotional hypersensitivity to prevent the exploration of their stances’ illogical outcomes.  This also prevents their false sense of morality from being easily questioned since it revolves around feelings and offense instead of ethos.  The inevitable moral paradoxes create the need for “oppressors” and “perpetual victim” groups: the higher in victim status a group is deemed to be, that group will trump other victim groups when it comes to a conundrum of conflicting stances.  This oppressor-victim mentality is even more enticing to the globalist mindset because it comes full circle into feeding their self-proclaimed moral superiority – the social justice warriors can create the bad guys to fight off while giving them a ranking system to put their paradoxical “victim-groups” into a pecking order.

One good example of this ranking system is the way the left is critical to western appeasement of the islamic immigration invasion.  One would think that leftists would oppose islam since it is the antithesis of all the idealistic views they hold, but muslims are a higher ranked victim group – they are among the least functioning, laziest, and most self-pitying, so they can put on a good show to shame the “oppressors” with.  Globalists stand for everything at once and thus nothing at all, because there is no logical method to their pathos.  This is why they must hold their destructive, fictitious victim-oppressor paradigm as the highest importance.

The masses are very prone to this trap – resulting in a range from leftist consumers, followers, activists, social leaders, politicians – that becomes self-perpetuating.  Rewarding the victim with positive reinforcement based on how “oppressed” people are will only push towards compounding regression.  Likewise, negative reinforcement of blaming the strong while apportioning them the burden of all perpetual-victim groups’ deadweight will accelerate the downward shift.  It is hard to take a stance against those with an idealistic globalist mindset in the social arena without appearing to be a cold, cruel person- harsh reality is hard to accept when compared to fantasy, feel-good jargon.  No one is going to win the heart of the average person who does not like (or lacks the ability) to use reasoning.  Falling for emotive persuasion is much easier on them.

Mob rule inescapably ensues.

The key difference between a republic and a democracy is that the former is designed to prevent against mob rule, while the later champions it.  The rise of leftism and the globalist mindset over the past century parallels the shift in voting that has turned the USA’s Constitutional Republic into a sham republic with democratic voting styles – a similar dynamic in the shifting of norms and rise of democracy can be seen around the same time span in Europe and the rest of Western Civilization.

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic” – Thomas Jefferson’s words have quite a haunting tone to them in modern times.

The mob cannot self-regulate; without an upward pull they will swamp civilization into a sticky mess.  By placing the vote in the mobs hands, all politicians will legally strive to facilitate the extended downfall of their people as it provides a very stable career opportunity.  Creating a mob of perpetual victims with no personal responsibility and the false pretense of moral superiority is bad enough without handing them the voting power of a nation.  Democratic voting styles basically give a fox the key to the henhouse.

The checks and balances of the United States of America were based on the idea that the most patriotic and responsible citizens would put people in positions to run the country.  The mob can’t allow for personal liberties, which is why the Bill of Rights is close to fully destroyed.  The constitution was not written for a democracy, but for a republic.  For it to function correctly, the government cannot be comprised of opportunists whose only loyalty is to expanding their pocketbooks and maintaining the approval of the mob.

Voting rights need to be redefined:


This shows that they are not just competent enough to make    wise decisions, but also that they’re responsible enough to get the test done.  This shows that voting and the wellbeing of their country are both top priorities. The country’s future is serious business, not for the simple minded or irresponsible.

2. RAISE THE MINIMUM VOTING AGE TO 30 (the one exception being active/past military)

Young minds are the most susceptible to emotional appeal and going along with peer pressure of the masses.  They are still working towards getting to a stable point of running their own lives and do not have the time or wisdom to focus on what is best for running a country. The 20’s are a time (especially in this era) for people to make their mistakes and grow – it is best they don’t apportion the consequences of that phase to the nation as a whole.  Those willing to fight for the country and go through such rigorous discipline and self-sacrifice earn the right to have a say in who leads them, so military voting age would remain at 18 as the exception.


Those that will fight or work for the betterment of their own lives and their country will create a much-needed upward pull.  There are many arguments against this that are based in pathos instead of logos.  This dynamic would give far greater voting power to the middle class, and not to the richest elite of this nations, as many with a globalist mindset will jump to thinking.  They tend to fear that this will lead to the “exploitation” of the “oppressed” by the 1%, when in reality the 1% is using the mob as a means to exploit and destroy the middle class.  This will create much incentive for people to work –  hard work builds character, appreciation, community, and understanding the value of things.  This will stimulate an upward pull for the economy and middle class expansion, and by encouraging many to be responsible and self-reliant they also earn their liberty.  Rights and responsibility are inseparable; the mob cannot give up financial responsibility without expecting their rights to be taken by an ever-growing police state.  These are the steps needed to build a strong citizenry capable of voting in leaders who protect and cultivate a strong country.


Those with a globalist mindset love to complain about all the problems, and yet when offered a long-term solution, like changing voting rights, they will not even consider it.  Leftists want everyone else to sacrifice for the greater good, yet they cannot personally sacrifice anything at all.  The feel-good, emotive ideals they push are the easy way out for them to feed their egos without working toward anything at all.  Selfishness has always been – and will always be – the driving force of leftism.