The Engineering of World Government, Part 1: Cultural Hegemony and the Fall of the West

“For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the supreme of excellence. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence.” -Sun Tzu

Cultural Hegemony is what makes the following strategies possible. A war of position pre-dates and compounds the first three strategies to perfectly prepare for a war of maneuver to be phased in. Those with cultural hegemony use intellectual and psychological/sociological warfare in order to develop a chaotic complex of stratified social structures to replace the traditional cultures of Western civilization. Growing the underclass while pitting them against their betters is a way to destroy the middle class and the natural order of society, making it seem as if artificial “privilege” is the reason for middle-class success instead of merit and effort. The traditional structure protected the underclasses even from themselves, whereas now cultural hegemony is used to turn the masses into a self-destructive tool of globalists.

The key is to increase the lower class’s hate for the upper and middle classes while crumbling the middle class into the ranks of the lower class (especially the younger generations). Revolutionary theory is praised while traditional values are made out to be evil social constructs intended to oppress people. The educational structure glorifies communist ideals and “human rights”; the ideas of natural rights expressed in the United States’ founding and Constitution are ignored at best or demonized at worst. Respect for hard work and merit have been replaced with shaming the “privileged” in order to get entitlements.

Rap, and pop culture in general, further regress the society’s values, especially of the youth with their desire to fit in. A warped narrative of history is constructed as a shaming tool to promote a revenge-seeking victim mentality against the perceived wrongs of times long past. Realistic values are made out to be social constructs while fantasy pathos-based social constructs are made out to be objective morality – this tears apart the emotional health of the individual, the family unit, and the community.

The mindless masses have been so caught up in the distractions of promoting regressive social issues (abortion, feminism, gay rights/marriage, opposition to religion of origin, relationship dramatics, political parties’ false dichotomies, perpetual victim groups, “check your privilege”) while all those able to withstand and understand the rhetoric are too busy trying to oppose it. Cultural hegemony is the dynamic many are able to see if they choose to, and is commonly called cultural Marxism; it is a compounding strategy whose main purpose is distraction. To find the core issue under all the smoke and mirrors is the most vital key to opposing this complex attack on Western civilization and the world as a whole, or else fighting the distractions alone just makes one part of the distractions – that is the terrible brilliance of this complex design. The cultural hegemony and all the other underlying tactics feed off of each other in an ever-compounding cycle.

A brief outline of the strategies employed will be given below – with three more articles to follow, making this a four piece work. Parts 2 and 3 will give enough detail to clarify the underlying trends while Part 4 will tie everything together into current events of the final phase. Examples will mainly be focused on the Americas because the biggest target is the USA. Once the US falls fully to globalist hands, the rest of the West will follow. The same examples can also be applied to subsidies, foreign aid and other dynamics in Europe, but will not be the focus for the sake of time. Details are not the point of this article; strategies and patterns are. Enough information in examples will be given to show the bigger picture, and the rest is easy to find. The fourth and final article will conclude with the only ways to prevent this before the short timeline is up and the tipping point is reached.

1. Bait and Bleed: Western Civilization is the main target on one end and developing/Third-World countries with agriculture based economies/subsistence farming are on the other. Trade tariffs are taken down in Third World countries while subsidies are raised in developed countries to aid in over-producing the crops that sustain the Third World, so that international markets can be flooded. Subsidies are paid on the backs of citizens of Western nations, but used to fund specific crops in a way that cuts out family farms and grows agribusiness – leading to more and more urbanization in developed countries and farm land grabs by international agribusiness. The middle class of Western Civilization is being bled dry financially to prevent opposition to a globalist takeover since they are seen as the only real threat. Developing and Third-World countries are also losing their farms and not able to feed their people pushing them to cities and sweatshop work which is a transitional phase to the next: accelerating immigration to developed countries, which is already in progress. The poverty and loss of family units with high child percentages leads to volatility, animosity, cartels, and the desire to immigrate. The burden of then sending food aid to these countries is placed again on the citizens of the main target: Western Civilization and Europe. This way the populations of Third-World and developing countries will rise while becoming urbanized; the population of Europeans and their colonial descendants (especially the middle class) will plummet due not only to cultural hegemony, but also due to the financial strain on many fronts that results in plummeting replacement rates – an immigration invasion is now imminent, with an ever-dwindling number of whites financially and culturally sucked dry while other races’ numbers are expanding by percentage comparison.

2. Divide and Conquer: This strategy is happening on many levels and parallels the bait-and-bleed because of the underlying cultural hegemony, and the strain created by each of these underlying issues feeds right back into the others in a downward spiral. With the sexes being set against each other and family units increasingly destroyed, people are growing up in unhealthy and regressive urban environments. Meanwhile, immigration from Third World and developing countries into Western societies will continue to accelerate the demographic displacement. Until recently it was considered common knowledge that homogeneity was healthy and builds bonds between people; multiculturalism will destroy the host culture and its sense of community and turn everything to chaos. Thus the globalists make everything increasingly complicated and atomized so that the only connections made are the least common denominator – and thus regressive. Everyone will have another to blame with no ability to band together and realize the source of the problem; different cultures will also clash over their incompatibilities. Many in Europe or in countries built by Europeans are no longer of European ancestry, so it is not in their best interest to oppose this takeover. With no homogeneity or strong family units or communities, the divide-and-conquer method is all too easy.

3. The OODA Loop: Here are a few quotes to get the jist of this strategy:

“The key is to obscure your intentions and make them unpredictable to your opponent while you simultaneously clarify his intentions. That is, operate at a faster tempo to generate rapidly changing conditions that inhibit your opponent from adapting or reacting to those changes and that suppress or destroy his awareness. Thus, a hodgepodge of confusion and disorder occur to cause him to over- or under-react to conditions or activities that appear to be uncertain, ambiguous, or incomprehensible.”—Harry Hillaker

“The proper mindset is to let go a little, to allow some of the chaos to become part of his mental system, and to use it to his advantage by simply creating more chaos and confusion for the opponent. He funnels the inevitable chaos of the battlefield in the direction of the enemy.”—Robert Greene, OODA and You

Understanding how to manipulate the decision cycle of the masses is key to taking the OODA loop to a whole new level. Not only is the loop of the targets predicted, but as the results escalate, it shapes and adjusts the loop to desired ends. While creating these problems, slowly shifting demographics and creating social chaos, they are also forming a desired “solution”. The means should not be confused with the ends, since the end goal is world government, the solution itself is the final stage and trap – never seen as the main focus. Over time slowly shifting farm subsidies have grown agribusiness and international markets have been flooded, leaving many Third-World and developing nations unable to sustain themselves, and cultural hegemony allows for the decision cycles of many demographics to not only be predicted but also, in that chaos and strain (along with geopolitical distractions), directed. All the while non-white demographics have rapidly risen worldwide, despite not being able to provide for themselves, because of foreign aid funded by whites. When their population percentages are high enough and fully urbanized, globalists then shift things to push many of these populations into full-scale immigration invasions. The immigrants are pitted against the original demographic as if they were being oppressed, while the latter are being bled dry to make this happen. The original demographic is brainwashed by leftist/humanist/globalist institutions, pushed to hate nationalism and traditionalism as false causes. Those opposing GMOs, agribusiness, etc. feed into the exact mentality desired, since they help to target the same target of all of this: identity and sovereignty of each nation/people. They do not see the whole of it and many only focus on health issues instead of the bigger picture. The traditionalists/nationalists are put off by being blamed and are too focused on the social issues that are the distractions. Right-wing investors and entrepreneurs are put off by being blamed for economic issues that the Left and international banks created – they see the GMO/food false dichotomy debate with tunnel vision, purely as an economic issue and not for the bigger picture of it all, seeing those that oppose it as loons who just fear for the safety of eating the food. As this is going on, the economic and cultural ability to sustain a high enough replacement rate is slowly being bled out of Western Civilization to fund the expansion of other races that will invade it.

4. Maneuver Warfare – Sun Tzu actively sought to increase friction and confusion among opposing forces. Instead of targeting the whole in a war of attrition, schism and disorder take their place in the OODA loop to target specific strengths and increase weaknesses. This is where Islamic issues come into play and why they are made into such a threat when they do not need to be: Western civilization’s warriors will be killed off against the Islamists who were helped to attain their current strength so that the enemies of globalists can kill each other off while the last phase of their plan is enacted. The Islamists have been handled by the American government with purposeful military incompetence in allowing threats like ISIS to form, then given aid without oversight, allowed to immigrate or claim asylum. North Korea is also having its silly fool of a leader antagonized into other distractions, along with tensions in Eastern Europe being made into bigger issues than need be with US and EU interference. The agricultural economies of developing and Third World countries were attacked covertly and continually so that they would not influence events—though arming the cartels’ takeover of Mexico in “Fast and Furious” did help things along a bit, so it will also be easy for enemies to bribe an unstable Mexican government into using its territory as a quasi-military base. In the end it will be tricky getting rid of the globalists without facing attack by one of Western Civilizations’ many other enemies, especially islamists. The last importance of maneuver warfare is how it leads to its own “solution” in world government. Food and land are essential to sustain life while the last of the strong to take these needed resources back will be led off to die in wars which are purposefully mishandled to escalate the strength and power of their enemies. Once all the young warriors of Western Civilization are spent along with resources, guns and other means of protection will be confiscated and the veil will be lifted off of the world government. The focus has never been on the real attack – their means to the end world government is brilliant because once completed it can easily allow for a real war of attrition through starvation of opposition. The means has many uses to sustaining the end goal of globalist world authoritarianism.

To be continued…