The Duke Delusion: The Absurdity of Primitive Nationalism

Europids are the only group in known history on a course of out-moralizing each other to self-destruction, yet you all wear it like a badge of honor.  The world’s hominid population was around 1.6 billion at the turn of the 20th century.  Today the world has around 7.3 billion, with that number projected to rise to 7.8 billion in the next decade.  Europids made up at least ⅓ of the World’s population, around 530 million, in the year 1900 (see reasoning at end of article), which is a low estimate – some estimate as high as 50%.  Today that number isn’t much higher, roughly around 800 million, making Europids only 11% of this rapidly expanding world, at most.


There are around five and a half billion new hominids, and the most rapidly expanding have been the most primitive and reckless.  You should let that sink in – almost 3.5 times the natural world population’s numbers in additional unnatural expansion alone.  5.4 billion in freshly made dead weight, and counting.  You should be scared.


How did this happen?


You need look no further than how Europids colonize to see how uniquely responsible they are for other races.  Where other groups, like muhamadens, kill most of the men or enslave them to work to death while bringing the women in to procreate at the bottom of a caste system, as happened in North Africa.  Whites, on the other hand, build infrastructure and are fair to the native populations; they increased the survival rates of those they colonized.  This was the first indicator of what was to come, by bringing civilization to the un-civilizable it took primitive races slightly out of a state of natural selection.  Before colonialism, primitive numbers were very small and not growing.  They were reckless in procreation but they were not able to sustain the lives they created.  With medicine and adequate food, this reckless breeding did not stop.  The way that Europids colonized shows just how altruistic they are, yet few could then see where this would lead… very few can even see it in hindsight now and less have the mental dexterity to face the full implications.


Industrialization allowed Europids to see and stop the natural selection of other races, while simultaneously having a dysgenic effect on their own.  As colonialism fell away, food aid replaced it and medical advancements were given to primitives by bleeding hearts.  Lothrop Stoddard (in The Revolt Against Civilization) states that, even in the 1920s, the brightest of Americans didn’t have close to a stable replacement rate.  The most responsible have upheld this increasingly strained Europid worldwide economic backbone and the most reckless expanded to be “oppressed” by it.  The best Europids had to increasingly work harder to be responsible for the growing burdens of a global civilization, in turn having to choose between achieving much harder earned success in life or having a larger family requiring all their effort in high investment parenting.  Primitives and mixed breed regressions could now fill the Earth to maximum capacity with no natural checks to safeguard such recklessness.  In short, the brightest of Whites have had to work ever more, foregoing breeding themselves, to maintain order.


Grant predicted the decline of the quality of Europids (in The Passing of the Great Race) but what he didn’t account for was that as the best Europids did not replace themselves the primitives would keep expanding and be increasingly imported.  If there is one trait the plebeian classes of Europids shared with their nobility, it is a tendency towards altruism and empathy.  True nobility would be able to see bigger pictures and have the strength to lead their people the right way, sheltering them from falling to their innate guilt – that guilt being both a blessing and a curse.  It allowed for high trust societies, while also being a grave weakness if the flocks ever grew too large compared to their shepherds.  As civilization became more complex, the best of Europid stock did not replace themselves and could no longer lead their masses away from inevitable self destruction of altruism.  As this shift took place the last century or two, it compounded the expansion of primitives with ever-growing emotional mob morality.  Idealism has long run rampant with no care for end results.


Luxuries also increased from industrialization, enabling the degenerate escapism (toys, boats, pornography, video games, etc) needed to ignore reality for those capable of seeing it.  If the masses are at too high a ratio to their leaders, the masses end up leading their betters – requiring either extraordinary courage to face or something to drown out or distract from such a backwards world.  The aristocracy retreats and disconnects; disallowing their informational flow-back and external replacement for out-breeding recombination and better genetic innovations.


White genocide is intrinsically tied to altruism and an ever-dwindling restrained natural aristocracy.   No one is genociding primitives.  The only genocide is happening against Europids.  Keeping primitives afloat and importing them is creating the genocide of Europids.


As Europids went through these dysgenic shifts, the ethics and virtues of their nobility fell to emotional instant gratification of the mob.  The result of guilt-based morality is one of victimhood being equated to morality; the most dysfunctional and reckless are the oppressed, the victim.  By championing the “oppressed,” the problems created by Europids are compounded with more “help” and “fairness,” which is deeply rooted in the projection of the “Nature versus Nurture” false dichotomy.  The Humanist egalitarian fantasy is revealed; if every “oppressor” is taken out and all the “oppressed” championed it yields a super peaceful and loving world filled with no pain.  This delusion is the only way that most Eurpoids can ignore the ominous rapid primitive expansion, as if it will never catch up to them in the near future.


The First World is Drowning in Idealism and Emotional Morality


The root of this Humanist dystopia is another fundamental quagmire in the modern mindset since industrialization.  Pain, struggle, and hardship are seen as things to be avoided at all costs instead of a normal part of life.  Pain, struggle, and hardship builds strength and virtue by facing and overcoming obstacles if it is ever present and not piled on at a certain age.  A love for easy luxury, especially in the young we coddle, helps to distort Europid world views. Our children are easily turned into bleeding hearts when faced with reality and a shockingly different adulthood.  Show a scenario of the pain or suffering of an “oppressed” group, attach any narrative to it (because photos/videos do not have context), and those with a guilt based morality project away.  When comfort is the focus of life and reality hits, many feel a need to find an oppressor to blame – shifting away blame is a type of shield from the emotional pain of facing racial ramifications, which is why being a (race realist) nationalist and humanist is quite a conundrum.  The saddest part is, this circular downward cycle could be avoided if the natural aristocracy stood up to lead their sheep instead of trying to let them lead – there is nothing less respectable than a humanist nationalist leader.


Some races are more volatile than others, among many other distinctions in characteristics.  Humanism is based in egalitarianism instead of recognizing the volatility of a group, the focus is shifted away to create a victim.  The only way for unequal people to become equal is by weakening the strong and blaming them for the suffering of the dysfunctional.  This is why the only scenarios you see in propaganda are of the “oppressors” victimizing the “oppressed”.  The million more examples of the “oppressed” harming their own, other “oppressed” groups and the “oppressors” are nowhere to be found, or at least not as well funded and promoted.  You tend to pay attention to what is most readily available – for the purpose of promoting the egalitarianism of Humanism, what is most available online and in the media perpetuates emotionally-driven victim morality.


Where did this victim morality come from?  Gandhi was a false prophet, increasingly forced into the moral fabric of Western Civilization as some great role model.  What did Gandhi do?  He guilted his own people into destroying themselves and hating natural hierarchy – the perfect false prophet of Humanism.  He was anti-colonial – biting the hand that fed him and promoting hatred of Europids who actually helped India – and promoted the acceptance of enemies to India: muslims.  All the bloodshed and pain brought to his fellow Indians by the muslims he guilted them into accepting is on his hands.  India has the worst affirmative action to promote egalitarianism and shame the past, which is exactly why he has been promoted so much in the West.  Any time you see a SJW signaling their idealistic morality, thank Gandhi.


Now all violence is demonized, unless perpetrated by an “oppressed” group that just needs more unnatural equality.  Primitive violence is completely ignored or blamed on environmental factors (created by the people making up that environment) when it is really a regular part of primitive interaction, any violence to keep them inline when clashing with higher trust societies is then focused on as a means to demonize Europids even further.  Preventative or reactive violence is no longer distinguishable from pointless or impulsive violence, leaving no means of maintaining any semblance of civilization or protecting the high functioning from those they uphold.  There is one undeniable trend, the “oppressed” deadweight is growing exponentially off of the guilt of their “oppressors” who aren’t replacing themselves.  Primitives cannot help it since reckless procreation is instinctual to them and they have long since been provided with the means.  There is no amount of help or environmental changes that can make primitive races fit for civilization, and in trying to do so they are unnaturally expanded in ways that continually feed off the host civilizations and compounding the tidal waves of Europid guilt projection.



The increase of inhumane, chaotic, and horrible conditions worldwide directly parallels dropping Europid world population percentages (a decrease of natural aristocracy by ratio contained within).  This only creates a rise in guilt (all they see around the world are suffering primitives) that reinforces those dropping percentages, feeding off of the Humanist worldview that primitives are oppressed.  Separating rights from responsibility is unnatural, if Europids are responsible for all other races then they need to have rights over those they uphold in a natural hierarchy.  Not to be swarmed by those they are trying to help but freed to give the structure needed.  Humanism is something that is not ever going to favor Europids since they are the only group interested in helping others.  But, in doing so from an egalitarian standpoint, they will destroy themselves and the post-White primitives?  The world. Appealing to other primitives through nationalism will only go as far as it helps to destroy “oppressors” and will turn on Europids the moment that it no longer gives instant gratification to primitives.


This notion that an unnaturally expanded world, that is sustained by Europids, could just return to some type of nationalism with complete separation is also an egalitarian delusion.  Who will enforce this equal separate nationalist utopia?  Enforcement will need a heavy hand, the same heavy hand of any hierarchy, yet the notion we can all break off and support each others nationalism is very foolish.  It is madness to think that it wont need Force and Hierarchy.


Nationalists are able to see that mainstream conservatives are playing a rigged game, by accepting the premise of the left. MWhat many of them are unable to see is that they too are playing a rigged game by accepting victim morality and any aspect of humanism.  They will never win this game because, by design, it is against them; Whites are too high functioning to ever be a victim group.  No one cares to be Captain Planet except for those same Whites.  Even if Europids could become dysfunctional enough to be considered an oppressed victim group, no other group would champion them because no other races have a guilt-based morality.  Nationalists, like David Duke, advocate for a turn to “true Humanism,” when that would require Europids to be slaves to those they are responsible for.  These are not the type of leaders that Europids need to get them out of this mess.  He advocates for victim-morality and, in gaining a following, he is literally blind and leading the blind.  Admittedly, he has the best of intentions, as any blind man out for a stroll by a cliff has no bad intentions.  True leaders need to attack the premise of White genocide: Europids upholding the unnatural expansion of primitives.  Thinking such unnatural expansions will ever be stable and that, if the “oppressor” group is taken out, all races will depart on their way to being self-sustaining nationalists is a fool’s notion.


Emotional morality sounds good and feeds the ego, but it is a very slippery slope.  Right now is too crucial a stage in history for emotional morality.  It is do or die.


David Duke is the Anglo Bernie Sanders

This might come as a shock to many nationalists, but the Jews did not create this expansion, they are having to deal with it just as Americans and Europeans.  It is ironic that David Duke screams “Palestinian Lives Matter,” leading his flock to emotional signaling.  He encourages nationalists to shift blame and sympathize with the victims, aligning them with those who would destroy Whites, to support their own nationalism.  Sanders does the same thing with Black Lives matter and helping those who would destroy his own. Playing by the same game just increases the destruction of the other and out moralizing each other as the primitive hordes keep growing.  Both Duke and Sanders project their own qualities and compounded struggles onto primitives and champion those primitives that don’t help their own in any way yet from a vantage of in-group orientation wanting to help their own.  They attempt to appeal to the guilt of primitives and get them on board with humanism, but they will only go so far until it stops benefiting themselves.  Neither Duke nor Sanders are fit for leadership in these crucial times, they’re both true believers lead by their altruism.


Appealing to primitive and volatile races to support Europid nationalism is the most naive form of altruism ever.  Being pro-primitive is anti-white – the pally victim narrative is anti-colonial and anti-racist in nature, just like every other idealistic anti-“oppressor” narrative.  Mohammedans will turn on you the second it no longer suits their agenda, just like any other primitive group.  Some don’t even realize that they shouldn’t yet bite the hand while it is still feeding them.  Even in a humanitarian dystopia, people still follow winners, not victims, so if others fight your battles for you or fix your problems, they take the power and become your new master.  When you support humanism for primitives and demonize apartheid, you reinforce the narratives leading to White genocide.  Instead of having the nerve to face humanism head on, you skulk around the periphery and swallow yourself.  There is nothing different about Israel “apartheid” from South African apartheid (that Israel ironically was the last Europid country to support), and having consistency is important because it empowers your followers with demonstrable logic when they go out to change minds.

How does it feel to not have a sustainable replacement rate? Palestinians don't know.
How does it feel to not have a sustainable replacement rate? Palestinians don’t know.

Admitting supremacy would take away from the delusion that if the “oppressors” were gone, all Europids and mohammedans nationalists would somehow live in peace.  No nationalist can support primitive nationalism because they will never take care of themselves.  There is no genocide of arabs, their numbers have climbed greatly in the last century off of food aid and medical advancements provided them by “oppressors.”  They will never be stable without massive intervention.  To think we can all live apart is a fool’s notion long gone, the world depends on Europids.  Are you going to build up an audience of Whites that wants to save primitives but then expect them to not keep expanding or being sustained by Whites which is too heavy a burden to bear?


South Africans built prosperity that drew in and expanded subsaharans, who then felt entitled to that land.  White genocide correlates perfectly with the expansion of primitives because, as they grow, the weight and burden of that guilt reinforces policies that will lead to Europid extinction.  Championing primitives as victims, denounce the apartheid of the “oppressors” in Israel, and furthering the modern and wrong-headed victim morality is a losing strategy.  No primitive will care to help Europids, as if they ever could, when they can’t even care for themselves when given the means.  The moment Europids stop floating their numbers, the Europids will become the “oppressors” again for mohammedans.  Whites are far too functional for victim morality to ever benefit them, it seals their fate of self-genocide.  It is a losing battle.


Does anyone expect primitives to stop reckless reproduction, stop being a burden, be productive, and champion an increase in White replacement rates while wearing “Save Whitey” ribbons? MEven if Europids ever became dysfunctional enough to be considered a victim group, there would be no one to save them since only Europids are pulling “Captain Planet.”


The same guilt that allowed for expansion is this projection you see let out in the form of humanism – you don’t win by repeating the same mistakes.  It does nothing at all for Europids to equate the fall of their greatness to the plights of primitives, when the burden of those primitives IS the fall of Europids.  In fact, it only confuses an already complex matter.  By shifting away into focusing on how Whites are oppressed like primitives, it doesn’t allow for now deeper examination of extremely complex factors playing into this fall nor does it allow for self correction or fixing old animosities between high functioning groups.


The only way to fix world stability is to reverse the unnatural expansion and return to more functional population ratios, both internally and externally.  That will not happen because none are willing to stand against their own masses to accept their supremacy, stop compounding things, and take realistic measures to stop the ever growing dead weight killing Europids slowly, both emotionally and economically.  Right now is an extremely crucial time period, all that matters is Europid replacement rates, not championing primitives.  In a few decades the aging populations of Europids will cause a further decline in their numbers.  You are not creating your future generations – those generations are simply not being born while primitive races are still expanding unnaturally.  Every primitive is a direct threat to future generations, this is a lesson you will learn whether you like it or not.


Countering the downward spiral by reinforcing its narrative and accepting victim’s morality is suicide.  Those primitives will turn on you the moment you can no longer do something for them.  Humanism is WHITE SLAVERY to uphold those they “oppress.”  Europids kept stable numbers for awhile.  As the primitive populations grew, and yoke of responsibility did too, and Europids have stopped replacing.  The next generations will be so outnumbered and so strained by that weight, they will be eaten alive by the primitives your hearts bleed for.  When you see a piece of propaganda meant to guilt trip you, think that this is one more primitive that should never have been born, swamping and suffocating the life out of your future generations – you cant choose to reason with your altruism instead of letting it consume you, wearing a sign of suicide like a badge of honor.


The only way that Europids are going to survive the next century is by recognizing their own supremacy and how this projection has led to such unnatural expansion.  Out-group morality is not a survival trait, it is suicide.  No one has been genociding any primitives, but that narrative is what promotes upholding such unnatural expansion – the genocide of Europids is the result.  To shake free of this, people need to admit their altruism, admit primitives do not have it, and see the negative effects it has imposed on themselves and their progeny.  Nationalist leaders need to reject the whole premise of humanism and see that, right now, it is do or die: all that matters is Europid replacement rates and rejecting victim guilt morality, the whole paradigm.  In all its forms, victim morality MUST be completely rejected.  What unnaturally goes up must come down, you cannot stop this, you can only be selective with whom you choose to save.  Prepare your mind, the best case scenario is that billions will die when they’re cut off the “Great White Guilt Tit.”  Nature reclaims, it cares not for whether the bounty is of high or low moral caliber and, not matter what is done, many Whites will die in the process.



Estimates in Part One:

It is hard to tell the exact number of Europids in the year 1900, however looking at the breakdown of countries’ populations ( a rough estimate can be made. It is safe to guess that Canada, the US, Australia, and Europe’s populations were all Europid then, along with at least half of their respective colonies. This roughly places Europid numbers at 530 million in the year 1900, which is a very low estimate considering that no Latin American Countries were counted. At this very low estimate, Europids made up ⅓ of the world’s population.

It is extremely hard to find an accurate reading of the current population of Europids worldwide. Taking 80% of Europe’s population (after deducting Turkey) (, 70% of the US population, and adding that to the entirety of Canada’s and Australia’s populations (not deducting for foreigners there to account for diasporic Europids), the current estimate is around 800 million.   Of the 5.7 billion new hominid growth in a little over a century, only 270 million (5% of the new growth), dropping Europids from ⅓ of the world population to just under 11%. Since Europids have such an aging population with unsustainable replacement rates while the world is rapidly expanding, in a decade or less that should fall below 10% and even in America White Children will be a minority (