Antimoralism, Immoralism, and Moralism

Anti-moralism is misunderstood in common interpretations because the majority of people misrepresent it as immoralism.  Anti-moralism is not the opposite of moralism, it denies the absolutist premise of the moralist paradigm. Moralism and immoralism are reflections of each other, defined by opposition to the other – anti-moralism is the rejection of the foundation that both stand on.

A rejection of morality shouldn’t simply lead you to do the exact opposite of whatever is labeled as moral – this in itself still defines you by being the inverse of the mob’s morality – but to be able to use discernment so that you can focus on results and not just wallow in a sea of intent. Being an anti-moralist doesn’t mean you try to be immoral, it means you reject the intentions of morality as an end in itself. The moralist makes everything into absolutes and doesn’t respect the relationship between relative, objective, and absolute which bastardizes objective discernment.  Everything polarizes into extreme absolutes or complete relativity in ways that feed off each other.  We see this with liberal stances, like being against the death penalty yet making excuses for murder based on how “oppressed” someone is because their emotional tier system of morality places fairness above other types of morality.  The value system of morality is always subjective but is applied in an absolutist fashion.  There is no gauge to determine how important some morals are over others, this is why moralism can lead to inaction in the face of horrible cycles instead of ending them.

Some will make fairness their ultimate goal no matter if making unequal things equal or “fair” is impossible and leads to worse outcomes for all; others will hold all life universally sacred no matter how destructive that life is.  The moralist paradigm leads to the separation of ends and means – the means are all that matters to moralists regardless of the results they lead to.  Intentions are all that matters, and morality becomes and end goal in itself.  There are some immoralists that are reactive to this in that they place ends as more important than means, but the means they resort to in order to achieve such ends often prevent the desired end.  The intended ends are just as futile if the means are not in line to get there.

Means and ends are inseparable – the anti-moralist knows this, while the moralist paradigm only allows intentions, whether for means or ends, to matter.  The problem with this is that intentions will always be praised while bad results are deflected in ways that cause compounding dynamics between groups.  There will never be self-correction or agency as long as only intentions matter. Moralism and immoralism are based off of the same premise and are a false dichotomy because both of their ultimate conclusions converge at tolerance.

Reality isn’t an all-or-nothing and is beyond good and evil.  The moralist is focused on trying to find what is good and the immoralist is focused on trying to find what is evil, and both take their relative stances in an absolute fashion in response to each other.  When people seek to “understand” for the sake of moral rationalization toward preventing perceived cycles, nothing will ever be resolved because it results in an unintentional projection of their own agency and biases into the cycle itself. This is destructive and regressive to all who engage in it.  Moralism perpetuates this projection in a way that continually builds up excuses for destructive results (we see this with leftists and their focus on fairness or changing conditions for primitives) or results in inactivity to the point of self-destruction (many Christians will tend to lean this way, especially with issues like the exponentially expanded primitive world and preventing their migration by force like sinking refugee ships headed for Europe or actively fighting back against leftism) because intentions for their morality prevent the results wanted.

Morality will always lead to some type of tolerance, and immorality is asking for the tolerance of anything and everything destructive.  The two will continually collide in opposition to each other or implode by converging at tolerance on increasing scales to parallel the increase of technology and acquired knowledge of civilization.  The reason for this is that there is a direct causal relationship between the increase of the moralist paradigm (and immoralist reactions to it) and how easy life is for a person.  The less people must try to survive the more removed they are from reality and begin to indulge in hedonistic moralism.  Projection replaces discernment for those who are too displaced from the realities of life, natural selection, and the food chain.
An example (this picture is from a facebook page I like):

This picture is a good example of the common misconstruing of anti-moralism with immoralism.  Many will relate this picture to Nietzsche, but it’s far more reflective of people who claim to follow his work and instead take it out of context to their own ignorant ends. The cults of great men tend to completely bastardize the work of their icon because they either do not try to understand the perspective it was written through (instead using it as an excuse for their own desires) and/or are incapable of understanding the concepts altogether but engage in the field as a novelty. This is why it does a disservice to intellectual discourse (thinking) to approach these topics democratically by insisting every single person be able to read them, which is something Nietzsche mentioned in Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Is there a drought in the area and the other person or their family have limited water to survive? Then They should not be faulted for turning him away. In times of survival that’s necessary and natural.

Is this during a war? If so turn him back to his own men as to not take away supplies from yours.

Is this an illegal immigrant that’s continually invading your land? Withholding aid will deter future migration.

Is this person thirsty because they are running from something? Are they a known child molester or traitor to their own people? Give them a bullet instead of water.

In the context of this image, where it seems the person is withholding for no reason other than to mock the man and showcase (im)morality, I would not have any “moral” qualms with the thirsty man taking the water by force. In fact, it is quite respectable to see someone fight for life instead of roll over and beg the world to save them.

A Double Standard

“Obstruction of justice may consist of any attempt to hinder the discovery, apprehension, conviction or punishment of anyone who has committed a crime.”


The left has long been so out of control that their politicians and even their heads of law-enforcement have decided that they can pick and choose which laws they will enforce and which they will ignore.  This selective law-enforcement has long allowed them to administer de facto legislation.  All across the country, politicians from the local to the state to the federal level have not only decided to not apprehend criminals that illegally cross into this country but also have allocated funds from American citizens to help these illegals further their crimes in the way of permanent residency, licensing, education, and medical expenses.  This is illegal – politicians and sheriffs/police are committing the crime of obstructing justice by hindering the discovery, apprehension, and conviction of individuals committing crimes.  Politicians are further committing more crimes by granting illegal benefits to these criminals they should be apprehending.


Every single past and present politician or law enforcement agent that is committing, or has willfully committed, this obstruction of justice should be removed from their position and criminally charged.


The entitlement of these officials to disregard laws and make decisions that explicitly violate both the word and spirit of our laws needs to end.  Since Trump has been elected, they are so emboldened by their long-standing power play that they are publicly threatening to not follow the enforcement of immigration law.  The republican response of federally defunding these areas is not enough.  Not only should they be defunded, every single past and present law enforcement officer (sheriffs included) and politician that refuses to deport illegals, or has aided their stay in any way, should be charged with obstruction of justice and lose their position at the very least.


Right wingers across the country must demand their federal representation address this issue by responding with rage at our leftist political overlords, and demand justice.  They must do time for their crimes against this country they’re supposed to serve, as any of their constituents would have to.  The double standard in this country for the political elite must end – politicians and law enforcement must not only serve the law, but be held accountable by it.

‘Tis the Season

There seems to be an inverse relationship between how many toys a child has and how much they appreciate their toys.  The materialism of this era is out of control, and there is also an inverse relationship between how many materialistic comforts/possessions one has and their loss of instincts, including self-preservation.  The coddled, easy lifestyle and hyper-focus on happiness, instant gratification, and collectability leads people to always craving more.  It emotionally disconnects them from their community while solidifying a false idea about the road to happiness; ie. “When I’m no longer happy, I just need more ______. When I’m no longer happy, I just need more _____.”  Furthermore, it replaces the reward of hard work towards an accomplishment with serial consumption.   In this holiday season, a focus on what children actually need should be addressed, and it is not more toys.


It is better to invest time in the children you love, instead of money, so that they grow up into well-rounded and skilled adults.  This “season of giving,” you might want to replace toys with activities for the young members of your family and community.  Buy a child a month membership to learn a skill or sport and ask relatives to do the same.  Swimming, martial arts, horseback riding, crafts, archery, hunting, cooking, or pottery lessons, or even books about these or other technical activities would do them well; moreso than another Call Of Duty or Barbie Doll.  Talk to other loved ones and give them options for what activities you child would like that aren’t bought yet. Older generations will be more receptive to such ideas than the current generation of parents.  This way it lowers the expense on parents to provide recreational activities by allowing the whole family to give these experiences to children instead of presents they will soon care less about and be no better for.

Many activities are also things families can do together.  As a present to the entire family maybe go on a camping trip or learn a skill together.  Instead of buying individual items for each grandchild and grown child, send them somewhere or to something everyone can do together. “The family that plays together, stays together.”  Items that allow for activities are also great ideas for gifts; like canoes, roller blades, oil pastel sets, boxing gloves, or even clothes and safety equipment for sports or other activities.


There is nothing wrong with buying things for people, but realize what you give them reinforces what they are more likely to do in the future.   Before you give a present, ask yourself if what it reinforces in their life is productive to their future as a well-rounded person.  If you get them a poster of their favorite cartoon or video game character, what does that reinforce?  Does it reinforce the concept of spending more time indoors on a tv or computer screen?  Children do a lot of this far more now than in any other generation, there is nothing good that will come from encouraging more.  A good alternative might be a constellation poster that can make them more interested in the universe around them.  What does getting them a type of martial arts or sports membership or month pass reinforce in their life and future?  Self-discipline, self-reliance, and a healthy body.


It is not your ideals, or abstract theories, that define you but what you do in the world and how you affect it.  Everything you do with or for the people in your family and community affects the future, make sure to reinforce your values in reality for those around you.  The influence of affecting the children you love will be far more important to the future than the exchange of ideas alone.  This also will help to fund local individuals and groups who teach skills, sports, and activities instead of international consumerism that benefits globalist investors.  It is more important to enact your ideals into tangible reality than to over-develop your ideals and preach them to anyone who might listen.


There is a balance that must be maintained between ‘thought’ and ‘action.’ For ‘thought’ to matter it can’t remain in theory too long to stagnate but must translate over into action.  So many people become more aware of how overly complex and out of control the modern world is. Some become overwhelmed into inaction while others go too far into theory while mistakenly thinking they’re affecting the world.  A focus on self-improvement is the first step to affecting the world around you instead of letting the chaos of it consume you, but we are not solitary beings and all affect each other.  The best way to stay balanced is to enact theory in reality and stay intelligently grounded. So for this “Season of Giving,” reinforce healthy activities and interests in all those you love, especially the children.