A Growing Tree: Of Being and Becoming

There is a balance between the states of being and becoming

To understand human connection it’s important to understand where one comes from and where one is headed. The similarity between a people is like their roots – the mother and feminine half of their vital force. There is comfort and nurturing quality to similarities; common origins and upbringing builds bonds. Shared experiences parallel shared blood. This is one half of healthy bonding between people: the state of being.

The state of being is the origin, but a tree should never be frozen in time or it brings stagnation and decay. Creation and destruction are part of life and healthy growth – they create and contrast each other to give meaning and life to the other.

Our experiences and the concrete reality of our connections are propelled forward by our creative energy. The abstract gives life and continual motion to the concrete – that connection must be maintained as a tree’s limbs are connected through the trunk to it’s roots. What mankind is now as a species, race, ethnic type, community, and family is not what it was a millennia ago, and sure not what it was 10,000 years ago. There is a steady growth on the life and death continuum that is natural and healthy. A drive to create and destroy, conquer and settle, build and explore… The abstract or symbolic is the masculine half: the state of becoming. The home births a person and raises them with nurture while the next frontier brings the passion that makes one feel alive.

It is what a people share that grounds them to give strength, yet it is the differences that enthrall them to give inspiration. In a high functioning people’s inequalities lies their growth and evolution; appreciation for these differences is also bonding. This is why a high rate of sexual dimorphism is seen in the most advanced of people – they were able to hone into the proper balance of what binds them and to what propels them, creating interdependence. Herein lies the key to why multiculturalism and the equalizing of unequal things are so harmful: both complementary sides of this balance are attacked.

Multiculturalism aims to undo the present state of being, which has been slowly woven over the whole evolutionary process and needs to continue to grow naturally, not cross what never should be or could be possible. Then the equalizing of unequal things brings down those who uphold the rest – it drowns out the spark of excellence that keeps humanity in motion and the tree of life growing. Turning the balance on both ends upside down creates stagnation.

Traditional art; infrastructure in line with the golden ratio; unique vantages; allowing people to dream; and nurturing the creative spirit while keeping people grounded; these are combined to give civilization an upward pull. These connect right down to the very essence of one’s being – the origin threaded through the rich fabric of many phases of becoming upheld in a detailed tapestry. Maintaining a healthy environment in line with one’s nature is how to get to the best of that nature, while rejecting it will have it implode on itself. The unnaturalness of the times requires force and leaves all in a stagnant chaotic mess of a world with no deeper connections. The ugliness of modern art, jarring infrastructure, tyranny of popular opinion, conditioning herd morality, multiculturalism’s chaos and the blaming of all excellence for the ever-expanding dead weight is suffocating the life out of mankind. The commonalities of people must remain separate and distinct to give any meaning to those whom it connects, and to keep appreciation for the differences in race, community, and family. The balance of what is shared with what is unequal is what truly connects and bonds people. Improving superficialities in technology for base needs and desires will never fill the void or replace this key understanding of human nature, which must remain active to continue growing for future generations.

A tree must be connected to its roots to keep growing, but the leaves will never grow back into the branches, nor the branches into the trunk, nor the trunk return the ground and become a seed once more. New seeds will only be produced by the healthy growth of that tree. One day when it returns to the ground it will bring even more nourishment to all the new life it created. True traditionalists understand their nature and want connection to the past to keep growing, not try to reverse time but find balance between where they come from and where they are headed.

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