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I want to remain partially anonymous on here, though I will go by my first name which is Rachael. I started off as an anti-islam admin over a year ago on facebook pages, yet the anti-islam movement is a very deep rabbit’s hole for those willing to see the many causes rooted in the downfall of western civilization. I grew up in one of the most leftist areas of the USA, surrounded by the leftist mentality throughout my life in public school, social settings, the media, and so on. Completely immersed. Another aspect of my upbringing is that my mother is an Ashkenazi Jew of German and Austrian background and my father is of non-Jewish Catholic and Christian European background (mainly German, with some English, Irish and Czech) and I can trace some of his line back here to before the revolutionary war. I was culturally raised mostly with my fathers family and celebrated both Christian and Jewish holidays growing up. The area I am from did not have much of any Jewish community and whites were a minority. Over the last couple years, I cycled quite fast through different understandings of the world around me on my own and shedding of many false realities to come to the point I am now at. When I decided to drop the leftist logic I was brainwashed with since birth and along with it political correctness, I took it another step further and decided to question things far past what’s socially acceptable even in right wing circles.

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  1. Thank you for this, Im Japanese, grew up in Australia. Everytime I leave Japan Im shocked at the rudeness and uncivilised behavior in general although Japan has insane problems in a brave new world kinda way. Australians are in general rude and stupid but at the least its not a warzone like the States, thou I like Americans in general since there are so many different kinds of kind and also aware/experienced people such as yourself and other conspiracy related people.

  2. …wow, thank you so much for rattling my f**king cage (on the incredibly challenging topics related to jewism, global social engineering, and eugenics}. you are an amazing light shining is a darkened world.

  3. I heard your interview with Lana, after coming across the Alt Right about a month ago via a Mellinnial buddy of mine.

    Like C.S. Lewis put it in “The Four Loves”: I thought I was the only one! I’m home.

    Your site is very informative. I’m so glad I followed my instinct to take your word that you were much more a writer than an off-the-cuff speaker.

    Well done Lady.

  4. Hello, I’ve heard your interview on 3fourteen radio. You were so awesome that I decided to write you right away. Thank you for being here.

    I just write things down what I think and what I ‘ve read and came to conclusions so far, I’m not saying that I’m correct on anything.

    Here is something I would like to share with you: For some time I came a cross an interesting book, where a German author wrote about the origins of languages.
    (I hope I memorize following correctly, but I’m not looking it up now, because I can’t remember the exact page)

    And in one section he comes to the point where he explains the word “Deutsch” and from where it derives…
    form the word Diuten… one branch developed into Iuten and then Juden and the other into the “Deuten = Deutschen”
    Taking into account the i and j and y is basically interchangeable and during the centuries the languages developed very differently.
    If you understand German I can send you the pdf. It’s a pretty suppressed work and not available to the public except on some webpages.

    Which left me with the question: what are actually tribes. What makes up a tribe? What makes up people a people?

    I think that back in ancient times people composed out of of similar racial AND spiritual background formed the tribes (but if they are too different the general harmony which is necessary for a group cohesion cannot be maintained, because the inner world and consequently the vibrations may be to incongruent with one another, unless someone “equalizes to the level of the other, but that is only possible if the more capable one let him or herself dumb down with the less capable) and the tribal aristocracy was chosen out of merit by the actions someone did for his or her tribe.

    I think it’s pretty likely that a common COSMO – VISION and UNDERSTANDING based on the laws of nature gave the people who formed a tribe the inner strength and cohesion which was then reflected by their actions in the exterior world.

    Following this idea I came across the laws of Nuremberg in Germany in the 1930ties where there was defined who was a German or Jewish, and furthermore in what case where exceptions being granted, which explains why many half german- jewish people fought within the Wehrmacht and SS.
    (One SS founder had two Jewish Grandparents)

    There has been deliberately sown a lot confusion by certain interest groups and individuals who wanted to make a quick buck by telling lies.

    So I believe the idea of Hitler was actually to clarify for the individuals where they stand spiritually. Do they see themselves jewish or german and the laws of Nuremberg should help to solve that issue that is why some jewish zionist groups and the german NS government worked together and and the Haavara agreement was signed.

    But as international jewry had other plans and also certain individuals in the German administration the framework ceased. Unfortunately this led to the situation where individuals got run over in the subsequent events. 🙁

    Now coming back to the origin of languages. If what, the German author wrote about the origin of the word Diuten is true and adding to that is is quite clear that lot of the european history is falsified and what we have been taught in school a is big bunch of BS then could it be the case that the different names of the tribes actually refer to the characteristics of a certain people, respectively characteristics that has been given to them by neighboring people and later on by monks from the church who denominated Non-Christians as heathens or pagans. …and later on “scientists” named people Indogermanic or Semitic…etc… largely based on assumptions and superficial language studies.

    I underline the importance of the pronunciation not necessarily the writing which has changed too much during the centuries and to the consonants patterns different sound patterns have been assigned and on top of that the exceptions of the rules.
    For example: Sh (engl.) = Sch ( ger)
    Sh (engl.) = x (cat)
    recommenda- tion = recomenda -ción (esp)
    considera -tion = considera -ción
    th = v = d as the th is pronounced almost like a D o V so the word Valley = Valle = Thal ( older germ.) = Dale = Val ( french) etc…
    For example : The Goths = The Good Ones

    The Swedes/Swabians/ Schwaben, Sueben, Juif (=schweben, scheifen, swift, suit,
    Those who levitate/schweben, schweifen= probably referring to the priests who had the knowledge of the transmutation of the energy)

    The langobards = Those with long beards….

    The Saxons ( Sachse/ seat, settle, sit, the ones settled in a place

    The Fri(e)sean = The Free ones

    Could it be that sometimes what is actually open for the eyes to see, is hidden in front of us because we have been indoctrinated no to see it. Sort of our brain has been wired or better said programmed to accept the theories which have been presented and are being presented to us basically like certainties, but in reality confuse and daze us that we to get lost in the nirvana of doubts.

    What makes me happy is to see people like you questioning the BS nowadays and making a big positive difference with their blog.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. I really enjoyed Revolt Against Civilization by Lothrop Stoddard. Here is a free wiki of it if you don’t want to buy it: https://archive.org/stream/revoltagainstci00stodgoog#page/n10/mode/2up

      I also am very into genetics and human biology, and was since a teenager. My good friend wrote this article, and I hope now that he is almost done with his PhD that he writes a lot more on anthropology, genetics, and eugenics. I have learned a lot from him over the course of our friendship. http://therightstuff.biz/2014/11/24/aristocratic-dysgenics-in-a-multiracial-society/

  5. Right after Paris came across a post by Olavo de Carvalho ( neocon esoterist who pretty much single-handedly raised a “right-wing” here in Brazil – debateolavodugin.blogspot.com )– allow me to translate:

    The distinction between “traditional Islam” and “revolutionary radicalism” is something like the “Sino-Soviet conflict” – an export product for impressionable Westerners.
    Only cretins believe that the problem of the West is “terrorism”. The problems are the ISLAMIC INVASION and the CHINESE-RUSSIAN ADVANCE.
    One needs to be very, very puerile to believe that there are, on one hand, the cute “traditional muslims” and on another the bad ones. Both work for the Islamisation of the West, these using violence, those seduction and deceit. The machiavellianism of the traditionalists reaches the point of wanting to, according to the project of René Guenon, restore a front of traditional Catholicism UNDER THE SECRET CONTROL OF MUSLIMS. René Guenon clarifies that, if this failed, it would be needed to INVADE THE WEST by force. The articulation between traditionalism, terrorism and “occupation by immigration” couldn’t be clearer. It’s a big scale thing, to which some impressed youths serve as voluntary slaves, riding their high horses, between spasms of an hysterical indignation, when someone tries to warn them of their mistake.
    I SAW CLOSELY this thing working. I’m eye-witness to the thing, which has left the paper. Schuon’s tariqah had the ambition of secretly directing the Catholic Church manipulating, for this purpose, the Society of Saint Pius X in case it came out as winner against the modernists.
    EVERY Guenonian traditionalism is a scheme of Islamisation under different guises.
    The Guenonian machiavellianism competes with the mendacity of the KGB.
    Schuon had the personal ambition of being the inter-religious Pope, the head and symbol of the operation. Was successful in the beginning, but got fucked in the way because he fought other tariqahs, which then appealed to the sublime recourse of accusing him of pedophilia. The traditionalist environment is more rotten than that of the Worker’s Party. ( Brazilian party riddled with corruption – translator note ).
    The most deplorable thing in all this is the stupid inaction of the Catholic Church, led by a jackass who doesn’t understand one millionth of what is happening and concentrates his batteries in a ridiculous and quixotesque attack on “capitalist greed”.
    To guess perverse intentions behind a capitalist enterprise is easy. Any TV series teach that. To notice them behind ambitious and complex spiritual teachings demands a little more of experience and culture, which our kindergarten traditionalists don’t have.
    As human stupidity is democratically shared between all political and religious factions, to fight it is to make a variety of enemies of which each classifies you in his most odious adversary faction.
    René Guénon at least had the decency of becoming a perfect dominator of the classical idiom in which he wrote before shitting rules about spirituality. Our enlightened Sheiks still haven’t learned grammar rules . Using one of Schuon’s expressions: the mere aesthetical discernment is enough to unmask them “in limine”.
    Of course there are good muslims, innocent of any contamination with terrorism or the Guenonian machiavellianism. But they’re only private citizens, without voice in the higher intellectual and political spheres. Strategically, as Brigitte Gabriel said, they’re as irrelevant as the anti-Nazi German citizens were. They’re at the margins of the flow of history and, obviously, it’s not them I’m talking about.
    The tariqahs in Brazil are a horde of functional analphabets trying to speak beautifully. Compared with them, a Caraio Rossi ( a nobody – translator ) becomes a Rui Barbosa ( respected intellectual, known as the “Eagle of the Hague”, obvious freemason republican – translator https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rui_Barbosa )

    End Post.

    Whatcha think ? The son of a bitch is sophisticated, can’t deny that.

  6. Hi Rachael,

    If my dad is an arab from palestine with olive skin (not religious), and my mom is a white American with English and German ancestry, does this make me a half primative loser?

    And if it does, what should people of color do? I grew up in a white neighborhood, if that says anything.

    1. Well every group has a range, so there is still some top stock in small amounts in different Muslim groups like Assad for example. The majority of Palestinians are very primitive, and people can be a blend. I would say you’re partially primitive and that you’re sympathizing with that side is more of a risk instead of being happy to be partially not primitive.

      It is sad that a woman of your mothers background didn’t have a full Europid child since there is not a sustainable replacement rate. We don’t need men of more primitive races taking away Europid women from the gene pool.

  7. Actually, my white mother went after my arab father. He is a successful engineer and she is a poor alchoholic who abuses drugs, like most whites do.

    How is the white race superior to all other races when whites are going extinct? The white race has recessive genes and all the other races have smarter dominant genes (i.e. Native American, Asian, African, Arabian, Latino, Pacific Islander). Also, white people’s skin is unable to handle much sun exposure. All my white family members need to buy sun lotion to spend time in the sun or their white asses will fry. Whites die of skin cancer all the time and they age horribly. Black don’t crack. That is why people call whites red necks and crackers, because their skin and lips crack in the sunlight. The sun is natural, and whites are unnatural mutant humans that can’t handle natural sunlight. Whites are primitive with bad, inefficient genetics.

    So, white stupid recessive genes and white stupid skin are two examples that show major evolutionary and biological flaws of the white race. In old age, white people look horrible with their skinny lips and wrinkles. Their white skin sags and their lips looks like a cut on their face. This is why whites try to get a tan to look like how real humans should look like.

    I also heard that whites are actually a mutant race, and they are some freaky abnormality to man kind. This is why they have all recessive genes that can be wiped out. Most retarded babies are actually white. If you go to black or latino countries, they have less retarted babies born.

    What do you think of southern red neck/hill billy white people who act primitive as hell and have sex with family members? You probably support the KKK and the killing of people based on their race. The white race will die off on it’s own due to natural selection because whites are not able to compete with the better races. This will allow the best race to prevail.

    No race on earth likes white people any way because whites cause so much trouble complaining and using nuclear bombs. Whites are the real primitive ones who don’t know how to solve problems without war, pass on white features to their offspring, be in the sun without catching cancer or a burn, or live in harmony with all people.

  8. Hi Rachael,

    Just wanted to say I’m 1/8th Ashkenazi myself. I’ve been reading on the subject of the JQ for a little while now. Mainly Kevin MacDonald’s work but some online stuff too. I’m really interested to know where your areas of contention with the JQ are. It’s quite hard to pin point in fact what people are referring to at all when they ask the Jewish question but I have found McDonald’s work to be fairly compelling in explaining the roles of Jews in 20st century intellectual and political movements and continuing onward to the present. Do you have any articles you have written on this subject where I can get to know your opinions better?

    I don’t really know much about the racial status of Ashkenazi Jews. Kevin McDonald believes they do have some middle eastern ancestry despite having more European admixture than other Jewish groups. I’ve been struggling with my own identity though in terms of how I view myself in relation to European Identity movements. I’m certainly in favor of them including all forms of racial nationalism but I do question If I can ever really come to view myself as White. Your thoughts on this would also be greatly appreciated.

    I really like your blog. Keep up the great work,

    1. Well my own vantages on the theory are constantly growing and this blog is a bit outdated because I haven’t been posting articles… I had too many interconnected article outlines that I needed to make it into a book to do my stances justice. I think the JQ is a very complex subject and interconnects to many other subjects that need to be addressed. I plan to release three books on amazon kindle for as cheap a price as they will allow me, hopefully the first by the beginning of next year. I feel it needs to be in book format to build up the ideas in the correct ordering. The second book will cover the JQ, but they all feed into each other.

      Thank you very much Cai, and I am sorry I haven’t been as active on my blog. Life is busy and I realized I no longer could just write individual articles on ideals that are integrative.

  9. Hi Rachael,

    I’m looking forward to reading your books.

    Your last podcast interview was one of my favorites- I would love to hear more from you.

    1. Thank you very much. I have tons of outlines in progress for both articles and my book but I haven’t made enough time to focus on it lately. I have decided to make sure I write more often so I posted another short article today and will be trying to make weekly posts.

      I have dyslexia so language is my low point and it takes me a lot longer to articulate my ideas – I have allowed this to be my excuse too long instead of pushing myself and cutting out distractions.

      1. I just read your article & posted it on twitter (@thezeberdee), hope that´s okay?

        Don´t be too hard on yourself- I would never know you have dyslexia, if you didn´t tell me. You were great on both podcasts.

        1. Thank you. I don’t see it as a bad thing, just more polarized Intelligence. I appreciate the repost… The more people that start noticing all the things the UN affects the better.

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