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The Engineering of World Government, Part 2: Agribusiness Shift to Destabalize and Urbanize

The destruction of developing and Third-World countries’ ability to feed their people has been in the works for decades to motivate immigration invasions from these countries into the West. The least developed countries used to have an average of 36.7% of their GDP dependent on small farming, thus taking out their small farming completely destabilized those regions. A good example of this is the IMF loans given to Jamaica, which included requirements for opening up free trade with agribusiness there. Prior to this they were self-sustaining, but once agribusiness was able to flood their markets it ruined their family farms. The population began to urbanize and perform other work, which was short lived as a transitional phase to ease them into destruction by the globalists. The other IMF stipulations caused them to have too high of a minimum wage for their urban job market to be able to compete with Mexican sweat shops.


Mexico is another good example of this destabilization. Corn was the Mexican staple food, used for livestock, trade for other products in the world market, and to feed the poor masses with cheap tortillas. The Mexican Government used to subsidize its farmers to keep corn prices low, their masses fed, and their many small farms afloat. After Bill Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Mexican government cut those subsidies. Mexican officials claimed that NAFTA would allow small farm work to be replaced by urban manufacturing work brought in by international corporations, which incidentally cut off the job market in Jamaica.


Haiti was also once self-sustaining thanks to their huge network of small rice farms. Haitians were able to feed their own people and even engage in trade with the world market until Bill Clinton worked hard to convince their government to improve its economy by ending tariffs and bringing in free trade with the West, aka agribusiness. He later apologized for this “mistake” (as if it were not intentional, like deregulating Glass-Steagall, or as above, signing NAFTA).


The American government not only maintained but increased corn subsidies to kill the competition of Mexican small farmers and drown out other South American sugar-based ethanol production with massive corn-based ethanol production. The high levels of subsidization for rice in America were used to put small farms out of business in Haiti, pushing people to urban areas. The problem with flooding agriculture markets in developing and third world countries is that once they lose the farms and urbanize there is no realistic way for them to build another type of economy to continue to buy food. Now these places are destabilized, urbanized, and unable to feed their people, resulting in chaotic masses who seek to emigrate.


To make all this possible, globalists first needed to shift American family farms into agribusiness. In the 1930s the US had over 6,000,000 family farms housing about 25% of the entire population. Original farm subsidies were given to help sustain those family farms and provide low cost food for the nation. This made the American Dream possible; healthy families and a growing economy were the nation’s top priorities. Over time this has been slowly shifted to favor agribusiness and drown out the family farms. By 1997, 72% of farm sales were contributed by 157,000 large farms and less than 2% of the nation resided on small farms. The entire process of this shift has been done in increments over the decades, and is too tedious and lengthy to catalog in this article. However, the last few bills are of importance and will be briefly covered.


Subsidies have been majorly funneled into a few key crops for the purpose of overproduction and to hit developing countries with lower costs than the rest of the global market. This process is called international dumping. Most US subsidies now go to feed grains (mostly corn) at 35.4%, cotton at 17.7%, rice at 14.1%, soybeans at 7.6%, and dairy at 3.7%. About 75% of the total subsidies now go to the biggest 10% of farming companies.

Agricultural lobbies not only contribute huge amounts of money to many political campaigns, but also have many ties to Monsanto. It is not a coincidence that the most subsidized crops are also the most heavily produced as genetically modified organisms (GMOs). According to the Center for Food Safety, 85% of corn, 91% of soybeans, and 88% of cotton produced in the United States are GMOs. Wikipedia dates this as a few years old, and since then it has been estimated that over 90% of corn in the US is now GMO.


“It has been estimated that living expenses for the average farm family exceed $47,000 per year. Clearly, many farms that meet the U.S. Census’ definition would not produce sufficient income to meet farm family living expenses. In fact, fewer than 1 in 4 of the farms in this country produce gross revenues in excess of $50,000.” -The EPA (whose recent leadership appointments are linked to Monsonto).


Government boards set subsidies for farmers, and most family farms, who do not get a proportionate subsidy and have to sell at higher prices, cannot compete with underwritten monocultures. These disproportionate payment allocations are another way of hurting small farmers. Since 1970 over 90% of the $578 billion in commodity payments has gone to farmers raising grains, yet they are only 1/5 of farm cash recipients. Small farmers are paid less while the market price of food increases, since the subsidies no longer help the average cost of food for citizens. This causes a vast increase in cost of living for the middle class, who fund this with their taxes. This pushes more people into the plebeian dynamic of hatred toward those who sustain them, and makes more people dependent on globalists for food welfare to be used as puppets of class warfare against the middle class. After the veil is lifted, the lower class masses will be dead weight to the globalists – just a means to an end.


The Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 was introduced and pushed through the House and Senate by Democrats. G.W. Bush vetoed the act on May 21st, 2008, but the House of Representatives was ready for that and overrode it the same day. The Senate made it law the following day. It was a $288 billion 5-year agricultural policy bill that was a continuation of Clinton’s 2002 Farm Bill. Bush saw it as being too generous in subsidizing the wealthy and cutting small farmers out of the loop by not using reasonable profit caps and wanted to prevent this from happening. He vetoed it because of the negative impact it would cause on small and poorer farmers, but his respect for the limitations of the executive branch wouldn’t allow him to stop the legislative branch.


Monocultures have a negative effect on the environment in ways that traditional small farms don’t. Bee colony collapse disorder is one of the environmental crises that massive monoculture farming contribute to.. Fear and environmentalism are promoted so that people blame the wrong target and see globalists as the answer since they’re the ones sounding the alarm on this issue; most people just don’t realize that it was the globalists/leftists who created these environmental issues in the first place. This is part of why Section 9003 of the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 included a grant of $250 million to build commercial-scale bio-refineries to produce advanced bio-fuels. The money never seems to lead to anything of help for the environment, but it does help bleed the system dry through bureaucracy and makes those in support of globalism feel that they are trying to do something to combat a problem they see evil capitalists and Republicans as having created. It creates another environmental crisis, like that of the bee colonies, that once again brings strength to the side causing it with the “need for human (globalist) rights”. The left claims to champion environmentalism, but has created and sustains much of the negative impact that leftists themselves decry.


The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, signed into law by Obama, included provisions to extend portions of the 2008 Farm Bill so that Harry Reid would have time to introduce a new Farm Bill. Food assistance for lower-class urban areas was a part of the 2008 Bill that was extended along with subsidies. This spike in food assistance to the lower-class masses has been funded on the backs of the middle class along with all the above subsidization. The new Farm Bill passed in early 2014 is going to strategically cut off much of this food aid to capitalize off of the ensuing chaos as a means to push for “solutions” and once again apportion blame for the hunger on the globalists’ desired targets. This parallels what is done with foreign aid in countries they destabilize – during the transition to urbanization and unsustainability, and then on to the rapid plebeian expansion phase, they are fully funded in foreign aid, then when they want to cause an immigration invasion (or other chaos) to escalate, that aid is downsized greatly.


The Environmental Working Group estimates that 10,000 agribusiness policy holders (called “farmers”) already receive over $100,000 in subsidies annually, with some making over $1 million. On the other hand, the bottom 80% of mom-and-pop family farmers collect only an average of $5,000 annually. These are only estimates, since the laws themselves keep the allocations secret to the public for the “privacy” of farmers receiving funds. It is even more disgusting that an excuse for the immigration invasion is that cheap labor is needed for picking crops at huge monoculture agribusiness farms that are already making a killing in profits and subsidies off the backs of the American people. The Agricultural Act of 2014 also ended profit caps for single-crop subsidies, so as to finish agribusiness’ farm-land grab from regular citizens. Crop insurance has been changed to ease this transition for the time being, so that the last family farmers won’t cry out to awaken any that might see the whole of this dynamic in time. Price loss coverage is now given to farmers if prices drop to a certain point for the monocultures, so it is almost just as profitable for small farmers to underplant or even not plant at all. Agriculture risk coverage is for “shallow losses”: any losses not covered by the other insurance are compensated for, removing the risk of low or no-yield harvests and removing the incentive to even try. This Act is the final phase of the takeover, and thus the war of maneuvering (strategy 4 in part 1) will amp up. The world will see all kinds of built-up escalations in Eastern Europe, the Far East, and the Middle East start to unfold, so that any who could notice or oppose globalist efforts will be too distracted or die off in the conflicts.


Many of the solutions proposed for all of this mess are also premised on a globalist narrative. The work of Anuradha Mittal of India is very good at showing the impact against developing and Third-World countries, yet her solution is unknowingly what the globalists desire. She wrote that “human rights” are needed in order to solve all of this in her book “America Needs Human Rights”. That is the whole reason for all of this destabilization and urbanization: to establish World Authoritarianism via “human rights”. Notice now how the narratives of different groups all tell of “human rights”; it is now becoming normalized in people’s minds. Rights and responsibility are inseparable; giving the globalists the control of “human rights” is the exact effect they desired when they took away the world’s ability to be responsible for itself nation by nation. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization is already in partnership with the World Bank for “solutions” to these food crises and destabilizations they have created around the world. This has all been done as a covert attack on Western civilization, since Westerners pose the only threat to the global agenda; the developing world and its people are just tools of attack within demographic and economic shifts.

To be continued…

Femininity Interrupted

There is a dual nature to femininity that is vastly ignored and/or distorted in its modern understanding – maternal instinct is the driving force of both.  A giver of life will be the most protective of that life.  The ability to bear children is a gift and a curse; the greatest strength and the most powerful weakness.  

Healthy blood lust of women is very deeply intertwined with the love of their children and family unit.

Maternal instinct applies to one’s children as much as it does to one’s people and future generations.  If there is nothing a woman would kill and die for then there is nothing she truly loves; the reverse, however, is not true.  When a woman becomes consumed by blood lust unchecked by the protective aspect of maternal instinct, then it is self destructive – not only to her but to all humanity. 

Feminism creates an abomination of maternal instinct.  Civilization now rejects the second half of woman’s nature, only allowing for the first to be acknowledged so that the blood thirst attached is ignored and held unaccountable.  Women are placed on a pedestal in-that they can do no wrong and their nature is distorted.

Rights and Responsibility should never be separated.

The push to hold off on marriage, love, and bearing of children in a proper household only compounds the drive of blame with no accountability.  This blame is at the center of feminism; hatred is its fuel.  Women are taught that they are to be competitive with men – that patriarchy is oppressing them.  Instead of healthy home’s bringing women completeness and purpose, they are pitted against what would fill that void.  Feminism blames the emptiness on what would heal them; what they’re supposed to bring nurture to they bring destruction.  Without this drive to protect, the love is lost.  The suppression of understanding the destructive half of the feminine doesn’t prevent it, but amplifies it, and in turn the loving half of maternal instinct is lost.

“She is wedded to convictions – in default of grosser ties;

Her contentions are her children, heaven help him who denies!-

He will meet no suave discussion, but the instant, white-hot, wild,

Wakened female of the species warring as for spouse and child.”

-Rudyard Kipling from Female of the Species

Women can’t intellectualize this loss because the design is to lead towards it.  Leftist logic is not sound, it is all based on emotive persuasion and ideals that seem good but when applied in reality are destructive – as most unnatural things are.  Feminism is a cancer; modern globalist mentality doesn’t allow for the cancer to be caught until it has metastasized.  Feminism is embedded in the globalist mindset to blame patriarchy as if males have always held females down from glory. Women aren’t taught to accept their own nature; they can’t accept what they are never made aware of.  Females are pushed to be like men, unable to see the harmony in complimenting them.  Instead of protecting their offspring and home against any who threaten their pack, the blood thirst has taken over. Women war against all mankind for the losses of what feminism has robbed them of, continuing the cycle by going from victims of feminism to perpetrators of it. Regardless of not understanding the void inside of them, they still feel its loss, but out of ignorance chose to target their salvation in revenge. “Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned.”

The pro-life movement wants to stop the effects of rebellion against natural order without correcting the causes of this evil phenomenon. What does it say about a civilization when the givers of life would chose to tare that life out of their wombs? There are many obvious evils promoted by abortion – an instant gratification mentality having a quick fix, recklessness with life, irresponsibility, the loss of traditional values, immorality, promiscuity, etc. These are all things that lead to this evil and compound it as discussed above, yet there’s a plot within pro-choice propaganda that is vastly ignored.  The deeper reasoning behind the feminist abortion agenda is to create the mentality that children are a trap set by men to oppress women.  This rejection of the masculine’s leading role for the family unit puts the future generations as the burden of her suffering in a woman’s mind, distorting the nature of the female and male joining to make a whole. The protector is then taken away allowing for women to go through eternal pain only to blame what they never knew was their shield; the nurture that sustains the male’s leadership is cut off in the same blow, turning the masculine cold.

Healthy femininity is only possible when understood for its dual nature, but also must be the reciprocal of masculinity.

Women and men should never be compared in quantitative measures for equality as the goal.  To create a reciprocal unity to one in mathematics, the product of 2 and ½ is perfect. There is no judging of the ½ to the 2 in math, yet this example will never be without animosity when applied to human nature.  The ideal that men and women must have their merit based on the same standards of comparison will only bring chaos in reality, because what fulfills women is not the same as what fulfills men.  The male and female should be judged to each other in qualitative respects – the closer they are to fitting their true nature then the higher their quality.  This wisdom is rejected by modern intellectualism and scientism.  Natural order between the sexes is too deep for quantitative analysis and will drive the female ego to repress knowledge of the id.

Humanity has lost touch with it’s innate constitution.

There is another phenomenon in addition to the aggressive blood thirst of mainstream feminism.  Instead of vengeance, there are those that can’t let go of the longing for love.  These women try to find solutions fruitlessly, since they are unable to reject the basis of modern mentality.  Patriarchy is still seen as the evil oppressors, yet these women rebel against nature in the opposite fashion by pushing passivity as an absolute for the entirety of mankind.  This is terribly unnatural – the solution is still based on the delusion of ignoring the essence of maternal instinct and rejecting the masculine all together.

If a woman’s only drive is to be compassionate, gentle, empathetic, nurturing and passive then that creates a moral paradox. When there is no discernment between how and who this applies to, these traits are applied to all which is no longer a virtue but a vice, in that it allows for passivity to overrule maternal instinct.  There is a balance between the passive-nurturer/lover and the protector/warrior of a woman.  The feminine is meant to be the passive compliment to her masculine patriarch, creating a whole – to continue the chain of life and death.  Unity of a female to her male is what creates an eternal cycle of rebirth.  The new age, hippie, and feminine/nature worship ends that cycle and leads to death without renewal by shifting the delicate balance.  Applying the passive half of maternal instinct to all is evil. Standing for everything yet nothing at all is the reason behind the saying: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.  

The inability to discern between what is precious and in need of protection and what isn’t turns into solipsistic inaction in the face of destruction.  Passivity, complacency, and appeasement disguised as tolerance will bring the self-righteous suicide of the world.  

The hippie style/new age mentality also ends in hatred: passive-aggressive blood thirst.  Ignoring the dualistic nature of femininity will leave the blood thirst as the only remaining aspect; whether it is aggressively hostile as the former or passively suicidal like the latter.  Without complimenting the masculine, the feminine will doom the world.

Some stories tell of how Kali fought and killed two demons. It was then, celebrating Her victory, that She drained the blood from their bodies and, drunk from the slaughter, She began to dance. Kali became overjoyed with the feel of their dead flesh under Her feet, and She continued to keep dancing, more and more wildly, until She finally realized that Her husband, Shiva, was underneath Her, and that She was dancing him to death.  Realizing this, Kali’s wildness did slow down, but only for a short while; it is believed that She will eventually continue Her dance and that when she does, it will bring an end to the world.”


The globalist mentality is egocentric, ignoring the id/nature of the sexes.  Kali fought and killed two demons – these demons represented the dual nature of the feminine.  She was so caught up in the power of blood thirst that she didn’t even realize it was her own husband (mankind) whose dead flesh she was dancing over.

Monotheism is automatically negated by focusing on its oppression in the literal sense, instead of trying to learn it’s hidden wisdom of the absolute truth.  Maybe Genesis of the Bible isn’t about oppressing women, but saving humanity from the fate of Kali – preventative not reactive.  The teachings are not to blame women but to understand that they must never dominate the male, or the world is doomed.  Traditional gender roles are to protect all from their own natures; they are not perfect (as people are not perfect) but they are the best for what can realistically be achieved. Feminism harms women the most, leaving them empty and scorned by the loss of fulfillment – the ruined possibilities of their nature’s true purpose.

I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;

with painful labor you will give birth to children.

Your desire will be for your husband,

and he will rule over you.”

The punishment for eating of the forbidden fruit was death.  The above passage is interpreted as an alternative punishment, yet it is still a death sentence.  Genesis 2 is an outline of natural order versus temptations – to not live by its teachings is to reject wisdom and eat the forbidden fruit of knowledge.  The punishment has always been death.  

Genesis tells of two trees in the garden of Eden: The Tree of Knowledge and the The Tree of Life; yet, only the Tree of Knowledge was forbidden by death.  The reason the Tree of Life wasn’t forbidden was because no temptation for it existed – they were given harmony and life everlasting.  Genesis’ blueprint for the interaction of the genders is essential for continuing the everlasting life/death cycle.  Once this wisdom is rejected, the sentence is death.  The more solipsistic and knowledgeable people become, it creates the desire of the Tree of Life – self preservation of the individual – while the rejection of wisdom brings destruction for all.

Accept maternal instinct in its entirety, allowing the blood lust to be driven by protection of what one loves – the family, the tribe, the nation, mankind – in that order.  This is only possible when accepting the submissive role to the masculine, creating the harmony of a family unit that builds up to the world as a whole.

Feminists and modern mentality of the masses equates natural order to female weakness.  It is easy to be selfish, to give into temptation, to settle for instant gratification, and to emasculate men with the laws of modern societies backing women at every step.  The truth is that the most strength is shown in standing with tradition while the whole world is spiraling out of control in suicidal rebellion.  

Accept the duality of the feminine in its best possible form; accept its role in complementing the masculine’s lead – or accept doom.

Jews Have Forgotten but Never Forgiven

It is imperative to read Europe is the Birthright of Europeans prior to this article:


Society can and does execute its own mandates; and if it issues wrong mandates instead of right, or any mandates at all in things with which it ought not to meddle, it practices a social tyranny more formidable than many kinds of political oppression, since, though not usually upheld by such extreme penalties, it leaves fewer means of escape, penetrating much more deeply into the details of life, and enslaving the soul itself.” -John Stewart Mill, On Liberty


Sweden is committing multicultural suicide. In the late 1970’s the Social Democratic Party started to flood the small nation with immigrants from third world countries, especially islamic ones. Hundreds of exclusion areas, which are no-go zones ruled under shariah law, stain Sweden’s land. This is the epitome of why Democracy is a failure; bringing in low information leeches for votes in a numbers game.

One strong supporter of this multicultural flood drowning the Swedes is Barbara Lerner Spectre. She is an American born Jew who made Aliyah (birthright immigration to Israel by Jews of the diaspora) before immigrating to Sweden and starting up a non-denominational institute for Jewish learning called “Paideia”. Her desired role for Jews in this is outlined in the following excerpt from an interview:

I think there’s a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural, and I think we are going to be part of the throws of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode. Jews will be resented because of our leading role.”

The premise of Spectre’s statement is false when she insinuates that multiculturalism is needed to keep Jews safe in Europe. Is Europe now safer for Jews than it was in the 1980’s? The country most regressed into multiculturalism happens to be the country she made her home. Sweden is a prime example of what the European Union is heading towards. If Jews support Israel or refuse to join the Swedish multicultural-suicide mission, they become the target of propaganda. Even worse, a blind eye is turned when pro-Israel Jews are assaulted by muslims in Sweden, now one of the most hostile places in Western Civilization towards Jews. This can be seen when Ilmar Reepalu, the left wing Mayor of Malmo, blamed attacks on the Jews for the fact that they were not condemning Israel’s “genocide” in Gaza.

It is of no help to Jews to indiscriminately shame all whites, creating resentment. If anyone wants to combat unjust hatred of Jews in Europe then do so when it arises instead of oppressing Europeans and creating justified resentment. Attempting to destroy European culture, identity and sovereignty is a bitter revenge that will continue a cycle of death and destruction.

The real reason that this wench makes Jews her excuse for multiculturalism is to bully them into leftist stances so that any European opposition can be silenced by equating them to Nazi’s. Make no mistake, Spectre is not trying to help the Jews, she is utilizing them as a tool while apportioning them the blame. If she truly wanted to protect Jews in Sweden she would be opposing multiculturalism and standing against the appeasement of muslims that target pro-Israel Jews. This traitor has sold her own out to the Globalist Agenda, as many prominent leftist Jews have. They are setting the stage for the average Jew’s coerced cooperation to be the means of Europe’s downfall and the scape goats for the destructive effects of bringing in muslims. Spectre is creating the “resurgence of antisemitism” on two fronts – both the left full of muslims, and the right European Nationalists who now see Jews as the cause for multiculturalism. She is knowingly putting Jews on a political suicide mission.

How can Spectre get away with making Aliyah and then aiding those in Sweden who target Jews for their support of Israel? Why are other Jews around the world silent on her betrayal? Why is she allowed to use her Jewishness to move herself beyond criticism in her abuse of Europeans? Will the self-destructive unity of the Jewish people remain their absolute goal till the bitter end?

The reason that Spectre opened up a school is to influence the minds of not only young Europeans, but also Jewish youth. As the Globalists know, the best means of covert control of a people is indoctrination of their youth because upcoming generations are the future. The leftist logic pushed all over the West creates a rewarding-the-victim mentality. Everyone wants to be part of a perpetual victim group – it’s easier to blame others instead of being shame mongered themselves. This in combination with being spread out across the diaspora is a recipe for conformity to leftist indoctrination. A very high percent of Jews attend university putting them at an even higher risk, creating a perpetual-victim group type of united front and shaming of the feared out-group. The fact that most of these university ‘educated’ Jews are from a statistically higher IQ bracket makes them a greater threat because they earn much more to influence the world with.

Once this fear based unity is in place it becomes self sustaining – pushed by the Jewish communities and religious institutions. It’s illogical for Jews of the diaspora to seek dependance on government protection or want to oppose self-empowering gun rights, yet that is exactly what has been happening. Rabbi Eric Yoffie, former head of the Reform movement, listed in a recent Haaretz article several reasons for Jews siding with supporters of gun control:

…the community’s affiliation with the Democratic Party; the fact that Jews are urban people and detached from the culture of hunting or gun ownership, and suspicion toward the NRA, which is ‘associated in the minds of many Jews with extremist positions that frighten Jews and from which they instinctively recoil’.”

Instead of being proactive and embracing their freedom to defend themselves, the fear and dependence on the left is further embedded into the Jewish community.

Is this fear based in reality or is it strategically misleading?

Support rates of Israel are the highest amongst Conservatives/Republicans, while Democrats and Progressives have the highest support rates of outright hostility towards Israel. It is the leftist fools who make libelous claims of Israel being an apartheid. The masses of ordinary American Jews give their allegiance to the Democratic Party which allows the Palestinians to play the victims to justify their terror and entitlements. According to the March 2013 survey by the Pew Research Center, only 2% of Conservatives favored the Palestinians over the Israelis.

In the Haaretz article excerpt above, it states that “Jews are urban people detached from the culture of hunting or gun ownership” – this gives no reason to limit the rights of those belonging to the culture of hunting and gun ownership, nor does it even address the true purpose of the Right to Bear Arms. Self protection – is essential to freedom, especially in urban areas, where criminals are likely to have and use guns but law abiding citizens are disarmed. The most disturbing part of the statement was that the NRA and patriotic citizens are “associated in the minds of many Jews with extremist positions that frighten Jews and from which they instinctively recoil”. This basically is a fluffy, indirect way of equating all whites to Nazis and punishing them for it. All A’s (Nazi’s) are B’s (White), if all A’s (Nazi’s) are considered dangerous then all B’s(whites) are too? All dogs are animals, if all dogs have paws then all animals do as well? This is a logical fallacy and a sloppy excuse to throw Jews into a fear frenzy against gentile whites. Conservatives/gun-rights supporters are not only more in favor of Israel, many are proud to have WW2 vets in their family line. This adds insult to injury of comparing them to Nazi’s while trying to unjustly oppose the precious freedoms of their country. The same dynamic can be seen in Europe with groups like antifa in their shaming of the English.

In the years leading up to WW2, there was a distrust of Jews claiming that they were loyal to each other before Germany, and that in-group Jewish unity morphed into sabotaging the German people. This parallels to present dynamic’s where the majority of Jews are opposing American patriots which makes them seem disloyal to the USA and subversive. This is beyond self destructive – instead of protecting Jews it turns allies into enemies by this unprovoked resentment of whites. Many conservatives stick to their values and do not give in to anti-semetism, leaving them wondering why Jews are so hostile towards them. Jewish shame mongers of whites, like ‘Dear Abby’ at the White Privilege Conference, are disgracefully oppressive to those who have done no wrong.

Jews of the diaspora, especially leftists, are creating a victim complex that is out of control. Mob mentality has taken over the entirety, directing its revenge at an entire race. Until there can be understanding of the past in more than an all-black-and-white vantage point, then it sets up a continual repeat. A healthy future is only possible when the past is learned from, instead of a never ending destructive cycle played on back and forth. An entire race cannot bear the blame for what that they did not do; to shame them for actions not their own is in itself shameful and dishonorable. No one deserves punishment for conflicts before their time – the people of now only owe the future.

Dramatic changes in Jewish voting patterns can be seen in more recent elections, showing that many are starting to realize this destructive dynamic against all odds. The most profound shift has been in France. According to a report by polling organization IFOP, almost all French Jews voted strictly left in the 1980’s. By 2007, 45.7% of Jews in France voted for the right wing candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, in the first round of the presidential elections. That is 14.6% higher than the general population in which only 31.1% of gentile French voted against their left. Jews in America consistently voted around 80% Democratic Party, until the 2012 Presidential Election dropped down to 69%. An 11% shift to the right in one election’s time is huge. Jews are starting to reject their religious and community leadership’s insistence on the support of the Democratic Party despite all the obstacles in place. The fear based unity is what is silencing Jews from openly attacking their left thus far, yet that needs to happen.

Leading up to WW2, Jews were blamed for the morale-destroying attitude of the press, propaganda in Germany during WW1 and accused of being culturally destructive through use of the media. Ironically, the Western World is in a suspiciously similar state now with the media oligopoly and Hollywood being disproportionately dominated by elitist Jews. This unjust hatred of constitutional rights and conservative American’s is once again seen by Jewish traitors in Hollywood who poison the minds of the youth, bringing resentment to all Jews for their cultural destruction, and further influence the Jewish community into fear based unity. Harvey Weinstein, a big-time Hollywood producer, recently stated that he is making an anti-gun movie that will make the National Rifle Association “wish they weren’t alive”. The new full feature drama will take the NRA “head on”he boasted in an interview on Howard Stern’s radio. “I don’t think we need guns in this country. And I hate it. I think the NRA is a disaster area,” Weinstein said.

Where does this hatred of the NRA and the American Constitution come from?

The Hollywood elitist stated that he never owned a gun and never will, as if that has anything to do with the natural rights of others. He does not have to live in poor areas where crime rates are very high, how many times has he had to defend himself or worry that the police would take too long? Is this Hollywood producer aware of the massive amounts of criminal gun violence in his gang infested state of California? Or is he too politically correct to address the real problems surrounding the rich oasis that he and his colleges are sheltered in? Does this putz think that disarming law abiding citizens does anything to stop gun violence? Or is he so far removed from reality by his wealth that he pushes on others what he himself would never have to live with? Who made Weinstien an expert on gun rights or gave him permission to push his lunacy on others? Does this schmuck realize that the 2nd Amendment is an integral part of the Bill of Rights and he is attempting to supersede the Supreme Law of the Land? That is called Treason.

Hollywood elitists are not only guilty of thinking their asinine opinions negate the US Constitution, but play a major part in dismantling American values/culture, pushing average Jews into political suicide from baseless fear unity, turning allies of Jews/Israel into enemies, using their Jewishness to be above criticism and shame monger those that have done no wrong. Hollywood elitist Jews, similar leftist Jewish activists of the diaspora like Barbara Spectre, are traitors to the USA, Western civilization, and to all Jewish Peoples across the world. The First Amendment was never designed to allow for cultural tyranny or to attack the Second Amendment – the Bill of Rights was designed to be integrative with each amendment protecting the others. Hollywood and the Media Oligopoly is the antithesis of “Freedom of the Press”.

In early 2013, Biden said:

I believe what affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else,” he explained, “…Think behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry.”

This is no mere slip of tongue, similar to his unprofessional ‘praise’ of seal team 6 for taking down Bin Laden. He knows better, as do those writing his speeches. This is a tactic of the leftists/globalists, very much related to Barbara Spectre’s above speech, in that it apportions blame to all Jews. Jews blindly give their allegiance to deceiving traitors – elitists, cultural Marxist professors, leftist politicians – who are playing ordinary Jews as their puppets from all ends under the guise of unity from fear that is falsified by the very same traitors.

In Biden’s recent trip to Israel regarding “peace” talks he said:

“The only place where there is a possibility for an island of stability is quite frankly between the Palestinian people and the Israeli people, in two secure states respecting one another’s sovereignty and security.

“The President believes, and I believe, this is one of those opportunities- one of those moments in history that have to be seized. There are difficult decisions, very difficult decisions and I, like you, believe the prime minister is up to it.”

This is clear coercion. Biden has no difficult decision nor will he bear any of the consequences for continually making peace pacts with those who will not honor it. Note how the two fronts of resentment created by leftist Jews of the diaspora puts Israel’s at the mercy of the globalists. 

That is strategic.

Many think that it is Israel pulling the strings calling it a “Zionist” conspiracy, but it is far more complex than that. The flow of power is not from Israel outward, it is the opposite way. The left has used Jews to shame monger Western/European Nationalism and create the hatred of Israel from the double standard. The globalists will demonize all nationalism to get their desired mass chaos in need of world authoritarianism; Israel is not the puppeteer, and will no longer be a needed puppet once its use is up in the near future. Now that the blame is in place, creating many enemies for Israel and cutting off all real allies, Israel is at the mercy of the Jewish elite of the diaspora. The globalists have begun turning on them, this can be seen by the media’s biased portrayal of Israel in middle eastern conflicts while never holding muslims to any acceptable standards. Things will escalate in the years to come, most Jewish nationalists do not know that their left never plans to keep Israel in the end game. The enemy striking from above at Israel/Jewish Nationalists is the same enemy of Western Civilization, yet they will be played against each other because of the blind unity of Jews to their elitist left and the resentment of Jews from the double standards created by it.

The far right and left both believe that there is the same ‘Zionist’ conspiracy, yet that is a decoy. The Jews interpret the term ‘Zionist conspiracy’ as an attack on their self preservation and any Jews that support Israel. This is equated in the minds of Jews to the inequality of standards that the muslims are held to in conflicts where ‘Zionists’ are blamed for self preservation – against islamic aggression. European/Western Nationalists and Jewish Nationalists also have the same enemy striking from below: muslims. The double standard only makes the European/Western nationalists more likely to side with their muslim enemies out of resentment of Israel’s healthy nationalism, yet this is the Globalists’ desired effect to compound the Jewish victim complex.

The Globalist design is to kill two birds with one stone.

‘Zionist’ has become a trigger word meant to confuse and be misinterpreted by all sides. This is done so that the effects of problems will escalate while preventing the causes from being understood. The far left-wing blames ‘Zionists’ and Israel, but will never boycott the real enemies of freedom – Hollywood/media oligopoly or globalist/leftist academic institutions – because they are a product of them. The right-wing blames the Hollywood/media oligopoly and globalist indoctrinating leftist institutions but calls them ‘Zionists’. This is confusing to all Jewish peoples across the right-to-left spectrum, strengthening the fear based unity.

Elitist, fake-Zionists do not actually support Israel other than as a tool to work towards their ends. The Jewish people are blind to the internal war between the Globalist Jews and Nationalist Jews – the cowardly traitors cling to Jewish unity as a means of covert sabotage.

History is repeating itself. The design is more complex, but this is a manufactured repeat with terribly higher risks at stake. Jews; do not ignore these warning signs! So many are speaking up in ways that only compound the effects but never reach the causes because the confusion and fear-based unity. Once these delusions are dropped, bravery is needed to break the silence and surpass fears of social restrictions. It is easy to live in denial until it is too late; it is hard to take a stance against one’s own even if it is needed to save all the ordinary Jew’s from their traitors.

The sad reality is that the Jews are marching to the beat of their own demise, creating enemies on all fronts while playing into the hands of their real enemies. The globalists are winning by pitting Jews and gentile Europeans/Westerners against one another.

Instead of forgive but never forget, Jews have forgotten but never forgiven.

Feminist Apeasment of islam and Conversion: A Method to the Madness

What draws Westerners and Europeans to convert to Islam?

The surface level response: that women who convert to islam are desperate and/or naïve; that men who convert to islam just want to commit heinous acts and feel righteous about it.

To an extent these basic explanations apply, yet there is a deeper underlying sickness- conversion to islam is a reflection of the regression of Western and European civilization. After deeply contemplating this question, one can go a bit deeper into what the subconscious motives of converts might be and how they mirror the subversion of European traditional cultures.

Another related question that will be addressed is: Why does the feminist platform side with the left that appeases islam?

The lack of traditional values and natural order in Western and European societies creates a type of void, especially for women, and deeply frustrates men. Emotive reasoning is used to justify why feminism is needed and programs people to jump into trigger responses when this antagonistic dynamic between the sexes creates a chaotic environment. Post-modern society has targeted healthy forms of patriarchal influence to break up the family unit at the base, which compounds into the loss of communities and up into the loss of healthy societies. The two genders were meant to be complementary as opposed to competitive, and though many will not admit it (even to themselves for not losing face is valued higher than admitting and fixing fault, another ominous example of a crumbling society with no honor) people are hardwired to seek the harmony of natural order. In the West and Europe, males are constantly emasculated while women are pushed to lose touch with femininity as if it equates to weakness, this dynamic is solidified into being a norm by the media, public schools, politicians/legislation and social settings. The only form of patriarchy not attacked is rap/pop culture and that of perpetual victim groups like muslims, so the only forms of patriarchy left are the unhealthy versions, creating a cyclical cycle of apportioning blame in ways to compound the spiraling downward dynamic. A clear example of this is Sweden’s blaming its muslim rape epidemic on ‘patriarchy’ while censoring out the fact that the rapists are muslim, as to not be ‘racist’.

The fact that traditional cultures have been disintegrated now leaves the West and Europe with a shame based void filled by materialism and distorted multiculturalism instead of natural order. There are no healthy examples to follow, and most can not admit that this is the root of their frustration, if they are even able to see it. Those that are too brainwashed into saving face or too simple minded to understand the above concepts still attempt to find a way to quell this frustration, so they go from one end of the extreme to the other. Leftism is the flip side of the same regressed coin to those in the West and Europe that convert to islam, the destructive version of traditionalism.

It is a set up where the left is playing both sides.

The destruction of traditionalism and natural order pushes the youth into social settings that promote materialism, superficial interaction, and push meaningless promiscuity under the guise of brainwashing slutiness to mean freedom, while treating healthy traditional values and natural order as oppressive- promoting what is emotionally and spiritually destructive while blaming the void it creates on what is constructive. The single mothers and emotionally destroyed women created from this can feed into feminism, further blaming healthy patriarchy on the causes of its own push for “sexual freedom”. Those leftists who begin to resent the post-modern options or other shamed and disenfranchised youth with no healthy options will then look for the only traditional outlet they can find: islam.

There will be a direct correlation between areas deeply immersed in leftism and conversion to islam- European Union countries are starting to see this rise already, but this is just the beginning.

Many wonder why the feminist platform does not stand against islam. It is because their true intentions are to maintain an air of having the moral high ground, they are no different than any other perpetual victim group of the left. They are all about continually shifting blame instead of taking responsibility to create a better future- victimizing under the guise of moral superiority. It is no accident that leftists push emotive based humanistic reasoning to trigger the masses to only care about intentions, when they are clearly conflicting with bad outcomes- loss of societies healthy support structures leading to a least common denominator is the end game.

Leftists feel that as long as they are part of a perpetual victim labeled group then it somehow does not include them with the groups of their peers that they shame. It follows suit that leftists would see converting to islam as a good means to circumvent their frustrations of not having natural order, while constantly redirecting the moral obligations to face the problems created by the muslims they let into their countries, still redirecting blame. The further into islamic immigration invasion a country falls, the more leftists might convert out of fear of taking responsibility for what they caused and to continue blaming others by being part of the perpetual victim group, if they are not already part of another perpetual victim group or needing to fill a void of it. Leftists have no honor or ability to admit and fix faults, they lead European and Western civilization into a downward spiral.

The sole purpose of each perpetual victimization group is to grab power for the sake of domination alone, the left just ties them together for its own globalist end game of chaos in need of world authoritarianism. Feminism falls in perfectly with islam, it’s not senseless or contradictory like it seems. The fact that the left champions feminism and muslim “advocacy” at the same time proves that there is no logical method to the madness of their supporting masses other than the desire to blame. However, there is a clear agenda by those leading the masses since they mirror their masses by allowing intentions only to matter with no accountability. Places further regressed into leftism, that push feminism on the masses, sink deeper into the stages of the islamic immigration invasion and will have increasingly higher rates of conversion to islam: It is the design; a way for the masses to never face problems that they created with an inevitable end game of desired chaos in need of authoritarianism. The globalist trap is set up to be a cowards way out for their idealistic, spineless masses.


United Against islam

 People say that if they fight fire with fire then they’re no better than their muslim enemies; the logical flaws in that comparison is completely self destructive. If group A keeps putting out fires set to their homes by group B, then group A will continually be subjected to random victimization. If group A burns down the houses of group B with them inside of it, then group A will be safe. Does that make group A the same as group B? No. The reasoning is all the difference in the world. Group A is not trying to burn down the houses of group B at random. Group A is trying to prevent loss and death of their innocents, it is defensive, but there comes a time when the best defense is a good offense. Reactive measures can only be continued so many times until proactive measures are needed.

Infidels would be fine to live and let live, but living in constant fear of muslim aggressions and being called racist for any type of preventative measures is not acceptable or sustainable. No one can force muslims to coexist. To try to place the burden of their destructive ideology and culture on the host nations which they immigrate to is unjust.

The leftists keep trying to take the moral high-ground by twisting tolerance into appeasement so they can feel good about themselves while their own people are continually victimized. Allowing atrocities to continue because it isn’t ALL muslims committing them, is to say that infidels must sacrifice a percent of their people who are attacked continually in order to maintain a one sided peace.

The feelings of muslims are not worth infidel’s lives.

Muslims are part of a destructive ideology, and it is no one else’s responsibility to discern between moderates and radicals- certainly not at the cost of their innocent’s lives. This is not an ideal world, everyone must deal with harsh reality.

The Burmese are continuously trapped in conflicts with Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, and since the Buddhists understand the above concept the world media oligopoly demonizes them for it. Buddhists would be fine to coexist, but they will not continually sacrifice their people to a delusional one sided peace. They care more for their culture’s continued existence and their own people regardless of the asinine, self destructive world opinion. The globalists point out how Muslims are the minority, as if that automatically makes them the victims or oppressed, which the muslims use to further push their propaganda.

Muslims use immigration as a covert invasion and they are not interested in coexisting with the Burmese. The Burmese will not sit by idly and let their culture be attacked or sacrifice even a small number of their people to the islamic invaders, but instead take a reactive stance to the overt islamic attacks on their monks, women and people in general. This is respectable; the Buddhists stances are not hateful by refusing to let their society become self destructive- they are loving for protecting their own people!

Self preservation of one’s culture, identity and future generations is what nationalism is all about, including the Burmese Buddhists and their 969 movement. Not only does the world demonize the Burmese for their fight back, it shames their healthy nationalistic movement of 969, the movement to keep the Burmese financially supporting their own people instead of their enemies. Muslims use financial means to make political campaign contributions in the new nation of Myanmar and also use wealth as a tool for love jihad in addition to other means of destroying the Burmese, so the Buddhists way of trying to prevent situations of violence is by economically pushing the muslims away from their communities.

Yet leftists still target 969 as something that is hateful; what they are saying is that self preservation of any kind is hateful.

Globalism calls loving one’s own enough to protect them a type of hate, when that is best for humanity as a whole! Look at the bigger picture, not individual disputes, and see that it is muslims who can’t coexist with others; they are a tool for the globalist agenda. The humanist mindset of some idealistic, yet impossible, world peace is also part of the political agenda of globalists. The leftists use of political correctness to place feelings of muslims above lives is strategic; multiculturalism is a tool for destroying host cultures. It is all feeding into the same end result of a chaotic world with no sense of identity, unity, community or bonds- a world that is in need of authoritarianism.

Islam is not a threat in and of itself but the globalist tools must be dropped, including the above mindsets, to prevent the immigration invasions of host countries. Preventative measures have not been allowed compounding over time in places like Sweden, which is in its last hour, reactive measures are inevitable. This situation must be looked at as a whole in that different groups can not all be in varying levels of reaction, singled out over details, but stand together to be proactive against islam. The details of each individual conflict can be bickered away at a million times over, but wherever muslims go, chaos and destruction follow.

All the individual conflicts with islam- from Greece to Israel to India to to Australia to the Burmese to Sweden to Russia to the United States to Nigeria to the Philippines to France- they are all the same conflict, a conflict which has been going on for over 1,400 years.

It is time to be proactive.