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Update On My Lack of Activity and Forecast for the Future

I’ve had article outlines in the queue since last year, a planned-out book (trilogy actually), and many articles already started or finished rough drafts this year that I have put on hold.  My apologies, there are a few things going on right now both in my personal life and worldview that have lead to this hold.

I am bit disillusioned with internet politics (and with social media in general which will eventually be an article and a part in my book, I find it very dangerous to our limbic system and addictive in a way that makes you feel you are doing something while paralyzing real action… it is the last nail in the coffin of over socialization and mob formations, regardless of stances they will all devolve and are not exempt from the negative effects which include narcissism and appealing to lowest common denominators and living in a fantasy world instead of forming real bonds and strength) and too much theory without meaningful action tied to it.  Since I view a strong foundation as a necessity for survival, I realized I needed to first focus on getting myself closer to personal goals of starting my own community/tribe before I engage in more theory.

There has to be a balance between theory and application, because one without the other is either dangerous by leaving you venerable in over-thoughtful inaction or reckless in thoughtless action.

I am happy to say that I am about to start my very immediate contribution to a future new tribe by soon having my first child.  I also decided to do a very accelerated self-paced program to finish my degree (and think I hit some type of record there lol with 51 semester units completed in 3 months).  I plan on using this degree (it has a very high earning potential) to help fund future projects towards my goals.  The last months I have spent with my face constantly in books so I can test-out of classes or learn more about having and raising my child, so I have not had time for my blog.

I do think things will settle down  by the end of this year since my degree will be completed by then and my child will not be as needy. I will resume/finish my articles in late fall and winter; hopefully finish my first book in 2018.  Having a strong foundation and local community is very important to my life goals and applying my ideals in reality, so I can only resume idea play once I am further along the road toward enacting them.

To any I have kept waiting for articles, my apologies and thank you for your patience.

I’ll leave you with a few words from   Thoreau: “You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.”

Antimoralism, Immoralism, and Moralism

Anti-moralism is misunderstood in common interpretations because the majority of people misrepresent it as immoralism.  Anti-moralism is not the opposite of moralism, it denies the absolutist premise of the moralist paradigm. Moralism and immoralism are reflections of each other, defined by opposition to the other – anti-moralism is the rejection of the foundation that both stand on.

A rejection of morality shouldn’t simply lead you to do the exact opposite of whatever is labeled as moral – this in itself still defines you by being the inverse of the mob’s morality – but to be able to use discernment so that you can focus on results and not just wallow in a sea of intent. Being an anti-moralist doesn’t mean you try to be immoral, it means you reject the intentions of morality as an end in itself. The moralist makes everything into absolutes and doesn’t respect the relationship between relative, objective, and absolute which bastardizes objective discernment.  Everything polarizes into extreme absolutes or complete relativity in ways that feed off each other.  We see this with liberal stances, like being against the death penalty yet making excuses for murder based on how “oppressed” someone is because their emotional tier system of morality places fairness above other types of morality.  The value system of morality is always subjective but is applied in an absolutist fashion.  There is no gauge to determine how important some morals are over others, this is why moralism can lead to inaction in the face of horrible cycles instead of ending them.

Some will make fairness their ultimate goal no matter if making unequal things equal or “fair” is impossible and leads to worse outcomes for all; others will hold all life universally sacred no matter how destructive that life is.  The moralist paradigm leads to the separation of ends and means – the means are all that matters to moralists regardless of the results they lead to.  Intentions are all that matters, and morality becomes and end goal in itself.  There are some immoralists that are reactive to this in that they place ends as more important than means, but the means they resort to in order to achieve such ends often prevent the desired end.  The intended ends are just as futile if the means are not in line to get there.

Means and ends are inseparable – the anti-moralist knows this, while the moralist paradigm only allows intentions, whether for means or ends, to matter.  The problem with this is that intentions will always be praised while bad results are deflected in ways that cause compounding dynamics between groups.  There will never be self-correction or agency as long as only intentions matter. Moralism and immoralism are based off of the same premise and are a false dichotomy because both of their ultimate conclusions converge at tolerance.

Reality isn’t an all-or-nothing and is beyond good and evil.  The moralist is focused on trying to find what is good and the immoralist is focused on trying to find what is evil, and both take their relative stances in an absolute fashion in response to each other.  When people seek to “understand” for the sake of moral rationalization toward preventing perceived cycles, nothing will ever be resolved because it results in an unintentional projection of their own agency and biases into the cycle itself. This is destructive and regressive to all who engage in it.  Moralism perpetuates this projection in a way that continually builds up excuses for destructive results (we see this with leftists and their focus on fairness or changing conditions for primitives) or results in inactivity to the point of self-destruction (many Christians will tend to lean this way, especially with issues like the exponentially expanded primitive world and preventing their migration by force like sinking refugee ships headed for Europe or actively fighting back against leftism) because intentions for their morality prevent the results wanted.

Morality will always lead to some type of tolerance, and immorality is asking for the tolerance of anything and everything destructive.  The two will continually collide in opposition to each other or implode by converging at tolerance on increasing scales to parallel the increase of technology and acquired knowledge of civilization.  The reason for this is that there is a direct causal relationship between the increase of the moralist paradigm (and immoralist reactions to it) and how easy life is for a person.  The less people must try to survive the more removed they are from reality and begin to indulge in hedonistic moralism.  Projection replaces discernment for those who are too displaced from the realities of life, natural selection, and the food chain.
An example (this picture is from a facebook page I like):

This picture is a good example of the common misconstruing of anti-moralism with immoralism.  Many will relate this picture to Nietzsche, but it’s far more reflective of people who claim to follow his work and instead take it out of context to their own ignorant ends. The cults of great men tend to completely bastardize the work of their icon because they either do not try to understand the perspective it was written through (instead using it as an excuse for their own desires) and/or are incapable of understanding the concepts altogether but engage in the field as a novelty. This is why it does a disservice to intellectual discourse (thinking) to approach these topics democratically by insisting every single person be able to read them, which is something Nietzsche mentioned in Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Is there a drought in the area and the other person or their family have limited water to survive? Then They should not be faulted for turning him away. In times of survival that’s necessary and natural.

Is this during a war? If so turn him back to his own men as to not take away supplies from yours.

Is this an illegal immigrant that’s continually invading your land? Withholding aid will deter future migration.

Is this person thirsty because they are running from something? Are they a known child molester or traitor to their own people? Give them a bullet instead of water.

In the context of this image, where it seems the person is withholding for no reason other than to mock the man and showcase (im)morality, I would not have any “moral” qualms with the thirsty man taking the water by force. In fact, it is quite respectable to see someone fight for life instead of roll over and beg the world to save them.

A Double Standard

“Obstruction of justice may consist of any attempt to hinder the discovery, apprehension, conviction or punishment of anyone who has committed a crime.”


The left has long been so out of control that their politicians and even their heads of law-enforcement have decided that they can pick and choose which laws they will enforce and which they will ignore.  This selective law-enforcement has long allowed them to administer de facto legislation.  All across the country, politicians from the local to the state to the federal level have not only decided to not apprehend criminals that illegally cross into this country but also have allocated funds from American citizens to help these illegals further their crimes in the way of permanent residency, licensing, education, and medical expenses.  This is illegal – politicians and sheriffs/police are committing the crime of obstructing justice by hindering the discovery, apprehension, and conviction of individuals committing crimes.  Politicians are further committing more crimes by granting illegal benefits to these criminals they should be apprehending.


Every single past and present politician or law enforcement agent that is committing, or has willfully committed, this obstruction of justice should be removed from their position and criminally charged.


The entitlement of these officials to disregard laws and make decisions that explicitly violate both the word and spirit of our laws needs to end.  Since Trump has been elected, they are so emboldened by their long-standing power play that they are publicly threatening to not follow the enforcement of immigration law.  The republican response of federally defunding these areas is not enough.  Not only should they be defunded, every single past and present law enforcement officer (sheriffs included) and politician that refuses to deport illegals, or has aided their stay in any way, should be charged with obstruction of justice and lose their position at the very least.


Right wingers across the country must demand their federal representation address this issue by responding with rage at our leftist political overlords, and demand justice.  They must do time for their crimes against this country they’re supposed to serve, as any of their constituents would have to.  The double standard in this country for the political elite must end – politicians and law enforcement must not only serve the law, but be held accountable by it.

Rebel Yell Interview

Click here to link to the show I am on.

Click here to link to the outline that I didn’t actually follow.  One of my greatest fears is public speaking or being in spotlights (I had to change out of a drama class in high school because I would freeze on stage).  I believe in facing my fears, so this is now my second interview and it feels the same as public speaking.   I would like to thank the guys at Rebel Yell, I thoroughly enjoyed the discourse even if the idea of so many people hearing makes me nervous.

Eugenics and Egalitarianism: Quality Over Quantity

Interchangeable Identity and Quantitative Egalitarianism


In past eras your identity wasn’t so separate from your job, but who you were was all encompassing.  A knight had different expectations and limitations compared to a noble woman or a blacksmith.  Modern egalitarianism requires all to be interchangeable by job or role, but that role must remain separate from their personal life (though this is quite impossible to fully achieve).  People also change jobs or roles over their lifetime as much as they change locations – there are no roots, which is very destabilizing for limbic health.  All now have this fragmented identity, compartmentalized in ways that are not grounding or functional.

The modern paradigm doesn’t hone those with the highest potential from a young age into their most suitable roles, which is very unjust to the individual and to society as a whole for losing what they could have contributed.  This increases projection – environment has an exponential mediating function between genetic potential and resulting phenotype yet this is hidden by the normative nature vs nurture false dichotomy – since they will assume that others are held back or helped by environment as much as themselves.  Such loss of potential can also result in a damaged sense of self-worth, regret, and hurt their ego to an extent that further reinforces an emotional attachment to the quantitative egalitarianism itself, because comparing themselves to other’s success would highlight their own shortcomings.  When circumstances in life prevent someone from reaching their full capabilities, they tend to cling to a victim’s identity – justifying or championing their faults instead of striving for strength and overcoming them.  Since society grants all equality, the most dysfunctional are made equal to those held down by creating this false humanist-quantitative equality.  Those held back will lash out at any who seek merit based hierarchy, since they know they won’t meet their squandered potential’s level of achievement.


Modern Humanist Egalitarianism Stems From Past Injustice

The current downward spiral originated from the inability to find functional and just hierarchy.  The right balance between preservation of class/station and upward/downward mobility is very hard to find.  Modern increasing loss of identity is rooted in many factors prior to the enlightenment period, which had too rigid of class lines that stagnated over time.  Nobility can have very regressive genetic recombinations, which leads to some dysfunctional aspects in their ability to lead when this is not corrected with some level of downward mobility… yet too much fluidity creates no respect for higher positions as much as resentment is created by dysfunction in those same positions.  Brilliant or even lower level genius (not someone who will go down in history but who has much more use to their society in a higher place) recombinations continually occur to varying degrees in lower classes.  If not realized at a younger age and allowed some level of upward mobility, there is a loss of efficiency, a sense of growing injustice, and an expanding disenfranchised segment of high-functioning people that resent the hierarchy they are under with abilities to rival the nobility.

Uprisings and revolutions aren’t created by the low-functioning; they are reactions by those with the genetic potential to be natural aristocracy that experience some level of actual oppression – this is not the way oppression is now used to describe the dysfunction of regressions or primitives.  Keeping people with higher ranging potentials too rigidly to a low station over generations is actual oppression, as is hierarchy not based on merit as much as right.  This is not to say that there wasn’t some mobility to varying degrees’ pre-enlightenment or to demonize the past, just that there was not a functional system of early mobility.  Looking in hindsight to demonize is easy and not respectable, trying to understand the past is useful when developing a new system to take you out of the compounded, long created mess.  The dysfunction in aristocracy (in-fighting did not necessarily cull out their regressions as well as some type of mobility would, but could create a nobility with decreasing honor and non-merited power) led to more perceived injustice by those with favorable genetic recombinations without noble title or the ability to achieve their potential from a young age.  Hierarchy that is too rigid becomes dysfunctional, leading to a rebellion against hierarchy itself and the loss of identity in current times.

This fragmentation of identity and interchangeability parallels the break between rights and responsibility, which is a hallmark of the current dystopian humanist world.  To make unequal people equal requires the best to give up rights to take responsibility for the weakest, instead of lead them.  The ever-expanding lessors no longer respect their betters but scorn higher capabilities in itself, increasing the downward spiral.  Reality can’t be negated for emotional attachments to quantitative egalitarianism, there is no such thing as quantitative equality in nature because that would require everyone to be interchangeable and the same.  People bond as much from their compatible differences as they do similarities that pull them together – identity (job/role) specialization is a balance between being and becoming.


Tying Racially Homogeneous Dysgenics To Hierarchical Injustice

In a Europid society the gap between class disparity would shorten compared to current multiculturalism,  yet the disparity within Europid nations predated and allowed for the immigration invasions.  Racially homogeneous civilizations historically rose and fell on a bell curve – dysgenics of world racial population percentages was predated by dysgenics within Europid societies.  The industrial revolution which prevented the birth and death cycle of Eruopid civilizations, which allowed dysgenics to spread globally.  Going into the rise of a civilization there is a surplus of high-functioning genes with less disparity in ability, culled from times closer to natural selection.  After the onset of civilization, the most reckless are able to piggyback off of the surplus in society, reproducing at a much higher rate with no natural consequences.  The best increasingly decline by population percentages, since the most responsible tend to have less children while focusing on achieving the success that upholds the rest of their society.  Dysgenics was always present in past racially homogeneous societies, it is simply the dropping of quality in the population by percentages.  The industrial revolution stopped this rise and fall, allowing more surplus than ever before in an overly complex system, creating rapid global dysgenics.


Pre-industrial civilizations started off with less disparity in abilities and everyone had a use – closer to true qualitative egalitarianism, which is valuing people for how best they fit their nature.  Civilization dysgenics promotes a high volume of reckless reproduction while straining the most responsible to do so, the disparity between countrymen grows.  The civilization becomes harder to uphold while the quality by percentages starts to become bottom heavy.  This downward spiral doesn’t allow for self correction, because as percentages are regressing and polarizing (the polarizing does not necessarily reflect class lines at all) it creates chaos that compounds hierarchical injustice.  With stricter class divides in the past, this results in the previously discussed rebellion.  The lower classes are more likely to turn against their nobility in proportion to how chaotic the civilization becomes from dysgenic decline, in tandem with injustice enraging the high functioning recombinations stuck in lower stations to rally them.

Reversing Incentives from Natural Dysgenics into Eugenics


Preventing dysgenics is the key in preventing the fall of a civilization and injustice in its hierarchy.  Upward mobility would be efficient if society is geared towards improving its population’s average quality of genes.  This prevents the natural Europid egalitarian tendency from warping into quantitative egalitarianism, which is completely destructive since the quality of people will polarize.  There always needs to be a balance between being and becoming, a balance between egalitarian impulses and respect for natural merit-based hierarchy, a balance between what you feel and your ability to reason.  Making unequal things equal is a rejection of reality, skipping steps results in more inequality and injustice.  You can’t help your own people or others if you can’t logically see reality and reason yourself to the best possible options for end results – the means and ends cannot become separated.  Dysgenics makes a people vulnerable to external threats, reversing and preventing this is the only way to preserve Eruopid greatness and identity.


Egalitarian reproductive liberties given to all yet the best made responsible for incentivized dysgenics, the incentives have to be recognized and reversed. The comfort of society will allow the most dysfunctional to reproduce more rapidly than is natural, and society will take up the burden for the dysfunction of low functioning offspring which continues this cycle. Societies burden is carried by the middle to higher functioning, and this needs to be prevented to not decrease their replacement rate from the strain.  Recognizing the need to limit the rapid expansion of regressions is not cruel, but crucial.  Limiting dysfunctional reproduction will create less of a burden on the middle class and highest functioning of the society, allowing those capable of contributing to afford a large family.  Incentivizing high functioning couples to have more children will only maximize the circulation of the best genes, over time raising the mean – eugenics simply is encouraging higher quality replacement by percentages.  Incentive based eugenics for the upper crust is far more effective than hard eugenics, since Europid greatness has a tendency to rebel against force; the more dysfunctional outliers are well suited for hard eugenics, and in this case some force or changing welfare incentives is needed.  Incentivizing eugenic couples’ replacement will also put them in a slight standing of prestige, which culturally glamorizes eugenic traits.  This cultural shift is in itself eugenic and creates healthy competition for the best mates without micromanagement.


A Propertarian Model Outlining A Reverse Incentive Eugenic System:


Civilizations in a globalized world need to combat dysgenics.


If a couple has favorable traits, they should be incentivized on a sliding scale to have more children based on their combined abilities (IQ, genetics, extreme athleticism, rare skills, and other outstanding success can have an affect on the scaling method).


If a couple is within a normal scaled range, they should be allowed greater rights (like local voting) when they invest in their society by having two or more children to replace themselves.


If low functioning people are incapable of caring for themselves or their offspring (in a eugenic society the cost of living would be much lower since the unnatural strain of billions of hominids in dead weight would be lifted off of Europids) , after one year on aid they can choose to continue aid in exchange for having their tubes tied or a vasectomy (both are reversible if they change their outputs to earn that).  If they choose to not get the  procedure then they also choose to forfeit their aid and make responsible contributions to their society again.


Severely dysfunctional people (major degenerative diseases, retardation, extreme forms of mental illness, dangerous and untreatable types of criminality) should all be required to have their reproductive abilities terminated.


This is all possible with voluntary genetic testing, IQ testing, gathering information on performance in real world situations, athletic competitions, birth records, requirements for the continuation of aid after one year of not working/studying/contributing, set standard procedure for long term mental ward patients, those diagnosed with mental retardation, and specific criminal convictions.


Balancing Natural Hierarchy and Qualitative Egalitarianism


Job specialization from quantitative differences is enriching when there isn’t a huge disparity between the quality of people.  Even with varying abilities all can be appreciated for their contributions.  The conundrum of a desire for both individualism and egalitarianism in Europids is harmonious if you realize that creative individuality allows for job specialization, while qualitative egalitarianism appreciates all for fulfilling the best of their nature.  The true essence of egalitarianism is qualitative, which preserves individual and group identity while protecting against injustices for not being the same.  Even the best political or economic system alone could not create a healthy Europid society, but by preventing dysgenics the quality of a people by percentages of replacement will make or break their future generations.  The best balance between natural hierarchy and egalitarianism in a Europid society is only possible through combating dysgenics.


In a eugenic system, a gifted artist wouldn’t have the same quantifiable skills as a mechanical engineer or a general contractor, but they all would contribute to the world by living up to their own qualitative nature, including inspiration.  All three would be appreciated equally under the law based on their qualitative value, not just their quantifiable utility.  Art, infrastructure, other’s unique vantages, and nurturing the creative spirit are crucial to the Europid vital force.  The ugliness of modern art, the jarring infrastructure, and the tyranny of popular opinion parallels the hollowness of these times.  Not having merit based hierarchy destroys your true ability to connect because appreciating differences and varying abilities is how you truly can appreciate others.  Modern times has increased comfort with technology, but makes everyone into interchangeable cogs in a machine – far less fulfilled without true connection or a cohesive identity.  It is in quantitative inequalities and qualitative equality that you are able to truly bond with others.  Eugenics is needed to keep the vital force of Europids alive, and pass the torch of a better future to your progeny.


“The only true voyage, the only bath in the Fountain of Youth, would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to see the universe through the eyes of another, of a hundred others, to see the hundred universes that each of them sees, that each of them is; and this we do; with artists like these we do really fly from star to star.” -Marcel Proust


Outline for Interview with some UN Details and Other Information

In a recent interview, I completely didn’t follow the outline I had for it because I found out that, like speeches, I get nervous and unfocused in interviews.   I think it is important to link my outline here so that all the background information is present to give what I am talking about context.  I will soon be writing an article (or maybe series) on the UN and World Bank, along with much more of the material.

Here is the outline:

The Transgendered Illness

The interview done with Bruce Jenner about his delusion is an expertly orchestrated propaganda piece.  It was geared for impact on all levels, tugging the guilt-ridden heart strings of a world conditioned to idealism, emotional morality and hypersensitivity.  The long-term consequences of a society accepting and even promoting transgender-ism are completely ignored for feelings in the now.  The underlying mentality shift of looking at dysfunction as oppression, and thus something to give positive attention, and to champion, is ever more detrimental.  A world that glorifies tolerance of sickness as a herd-morality status signal will never thrive.


Social norms were created to bring a people to the best of their nature’s potentialTime tested wisdom slowly woven into a civilization isn’t some arbitrary form of oppression, but more a guiding outline built and handed down to protect people from themselves.  A people spits on the sacrifice of their predecessors when they reject their cultural norms and social inheritance – the guiding hand of their ancestors geared at bringing them to the best of their potential. In addition, rejecting biology to completely negate reality is a recipe for a sickness to fester and spread.  It is no coincidence that traditional guidance is based off of keeping us in line with our biological sex; just as there is the best of one’s potential nature there is also the other end of the spectrum the perversion of it.


Bruce Jenner has a sickness.  There is no amount of verbose and confusing analysis that can prove there is such thing as being born the wrong biological sex.  This is purely a delusion; it differs in no way from any other delusion despite claims of it being unique or different.  The fact that it gets so much attention – a glorious victim status – only reinforces and compounds this sickness to its full manifestation.  If it were called what it is from the beginning or never allowed as a “special” identity, then it would be nipped in the bud not exacerbated by positive reinforcement.  This illness might have some biological predispositions, as may illnesses do, but it’s full expression is purely self-fulfilling.  The conditions of the current social environment are set up to induce and perpetuate transgendered delusions, and by making it into some oppressed and glorified condition by bringing the afflicted to stardom – it leads the way for the masses to follow their social leaders off of a cliff.


Where is the line drawn between victim and victimizer?  To what extent does the distinction even matter?  The focus of modernism is to understand emotional pain as an excuse to wallow in self-pity, as if empathy without action is moral, while true ethically based morality dictates that the cycle needs to be ended.  The only extent that a gangrene limb should be understood is in a quick realization that it has to be cut off before spreading.  Would feeling bad for a person as their body is consumed by the gangrene until they diewhen they could have been saved, moral?  Surely getting one’s hands bloody amputating is the more honorable choice – despite being more difficult.


It doesn’t matter if Bruce Jenner is ill, or if those who used this ill man for their propaganda feel bad; what matters is that he is famous and this gangrene will spread quickly.  Once things go this far it is passed the point that just recognizing the illness will do anything.  There are prepubescent children who are now tainted with this sickness.  Children that need guidance instead of positive reinforcement to define themselves by a delusion.  How many people follow the lead of famous people or want the attention of being a special snowflake as member of a victim group? How many of them influence the children in their lives?  Girls that are tom-boyish will develop normally through puberty if left alone, but children will now be completely lead astray from the best potential of their nature. This is child abuse.


Guilt is destructive without the balance of duty.  Feeling guilty for people with a sickness doesn’t justify not calling it what it is, for then there will soon be much more sickness to feel guilty about.  Creating an avalanche of guilt to suffocate under is the epitome of immorality and selfishness – to avoid taking a hard stance that corrects what is wrong.  From an evolutionary standpoint guilt is only useful because it prompted action to change harmful aspects in a people, not perpetuate them.  Guilt serves as a means to overcome other conflicting emotions when fulfilling the duty of fixing the core of what caused the guilt – to do what needs to be done so that future generations do not have to suffer the same fate.


Normalizing transgendered delusions goes far beyond tolerance of evil – it is a direct attack on the health of future generations.  The current environment is designed to bring out the worst of one’s potential nature and spread sickness to those in most need of guilt’s protection: innocent children who are the future. The time has passed for naming the sickness alone, since Pandora’s box has now been completely opened.  This is a war and the only way to face it is to feel guilt for one’s progeny alone in order to prompt dutiful action.  Stop trying to win the moral high ground or cater to feelings by not being aggressive – recognize this for what it is: the last nail in the coffin for the future.

The Engineering of World Government, Part 1: Cultural Hegemony and the Fall of the West

“For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the supreme of excellence. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence.” -Sun Tzu

Cultural Hegemony is what makes the following strategies possible. A war of position pre-dates and compounds the first three strategies to perfectly prepare for a war of maneuver to be phased in. Those with cultural hegemony use intellectual and psychological/sociological warfare in order to develop a chaotic complex of stratified social structures to replace the traditional cultures of Western civilization. Growing the underclass while pitting them against their betters is a way to destroy the middle class and the natural order of society, making it seem as if artificial “privilege” is the reason for middle-class success instead of merit and effort. The traditional structure protected the underclasses even from themselves, whereas now cultural hegemony is used to turn the masses into a self-destructive tool of globalists.

The key is to increase the lower class’s hate for the upper and middle classes while crumbling the middle class into the ranks of the lower class (especially the younger generations). Revolutionary theory is praised while traditional values are made out to be evil social constructs intended to oppress people. The educational structure glorifies communist ideals and “human rights”; the ideas of natural rights expressed in the United States’ founding and Constitution are ignored at best or demonized at worst. Respect for hard work and merit have been replaced with shaming the “privileged” in order to get entitlements.

Rap, and pop culture in general, further regress the society’s values, especially of the youth with their desire to fit in. A warped narrative of history is constructed as a shaming tool to promote a revenge-seeking victim mentality against the perceived wrongs of times long past. Realistic values are made out to be social constructs while fantasy pathos-based social constructs are made out to be objective morality – this tears apart the emotional health of the individual, the family unit, and the community.

The mindless masses have been so caught up in the distractions of promoting regressive social issues (abortion, feminism, gay rights/marriage, opposition to religion of origin, relationship dramatics, political parties’ false dichotomies, perpetual victim groups, “check your privilege”) while all those able to withstand and understand the rhetoric are too busy trying to oppose it. Cultural hegemony is the dynamic many are able to see if they choose to, and is commonly called cultural Marxism; it is a compounding strategy whose main purpose is distraction. To find the core issue under all the smoke and mirrors is the most vital key to opposing this complex attack on Western civilization and the world as a whole, or else fighting the distractions alone just makes one part of the distractions – that is the terrible brilliance of this complex design. The cultural hegemony and all the other underlying tactics feed off of each other in an ever-compounding cycle.

A brief outline of the strategies employed will be given below – with three more articles to follow, making this a four piece work. Parts 2 and 3 will give enough detail to clarify the underlying trends while Part 4 will tie everything together into current events of the final phase. Examples will mainly be focused on the Americas because the biggest target is the USA. Once the US falls fully to globalist hands, the rest of the West will follow. The same examples can also be applied to subsidies, foreign aid and other dynamics in Europe, but will not be the focus for the sake of time. Details are not the point of this article; strategies and patterns are. Enough information in examples will be given to show the bigger picture, and the rest is easy to find. The fourth and final article will conclude with the only ways to prevent this before the short timeline is up and the tipping point is reached.

1. Bait and Bleed: Western Civilization is the main target on one end and developing/Third-World countries with agriculture based economies/subsistence farming are on the other. Trade tariffs are taken down in Third World countries while subsidies are raised in developed countries to aid in over-producing the crops that sustain the Third World, so that international markets can be flooded. Subsidies are paid on the backs of citizens of Western nations, but used to fund specific crops in a way that cuts out family farms and grows agribusiness – leading to more and more urbanization in developed countries and farm land grabs by international agribusiness. The middle class of Western Civilization is being bled dry financially to prevent opposition to a globalist takeover since they are seen as the only real threat. Developing and Third-World countries are also losing their farms and not able to feed their people pushing them to cities and sweatshop work which is a transitional phase to the next: accelerating immigration to developed countries, which is already in progress. The poverty and loss of family units with high child percentages leads to volatility, animosity, cartels, and the desire to immigrate. The burden of then sending food aid to these countries is placed again on the citizens of the main target: Western Civilization and Europe. This way the populations of Third-World and developing countries will rise while becoming urbanized; the population of Europeans and their colonial descendants (especially the middle class) will plummet due not only to cultural hegemony, but also due to the financial strain on many fronts that results in plummeting replacement rates – an immigration invasion is now imminent, with an ever-dwindling number of whites financially and culturally sucked dry while other races’ numbers are expanding by percentage comparison.

2. Divide and Conquer: This strategy is happening on many levels and parallels the bait-and-bleed because of the underlying cultural hegemony, and the strain created by each of these underlying issues feeds right back into the others in a downward spiral. With the sexes being set against each other and family units increasingly destroyed, people are growing up in unhealthy and regressive urban environments. Meanwhile, immigration from Third World and developing countries into Western societies will continue to accelerate the demographic displacement. Until recently it was considered common knowledge that homogeneity was healthy and builds bonds between people; multiculturalism will destroy the host culture and its sense of community and turn everything to chaos. Thus the globalists make everything increasingly complicated and atomized so that the only connections made are the least common denominator – and thus regressive. Everyone will have another to blame with no ability to band together and realize the source of the problem; different cultures will also clash over their incompatibilities. Many in Europe or in countries built by Europeans are no longer of European ancestry, so it is not in their best interest to oppose this takeover. With no homogeneity or strong family units or communities, the divide-and-conquer method is all too easy.

3. The OODA Loop: Here are a few quotes to get the jist of this strategy:

“The key is to obscure your intentions and make them unpredictable to your opponent while you simultaneously clarify his intentions. That is, operate at a faster tempo to generate rapidly changing conditions that inhibit your opponent from adapting or reacting to those changes and that suppress or destroy his awareness. Thus, a hodgepodge of confusion and disorder occur to cause him to over- or under-react to conditions or activities that appear to be uncertain, ambiguous, or incomprehensible.”—Harry Hillaker

“The proper mindset is to let go a little, to allow some of the chaos to become part of his mental system, and to use it to his advantage by simply creating more chaos and confusion for the opponent. He funnels the inevitable chaos of the battlefield in the direction of the enemy.”—Robert Greene, OODA and You

Understanding how to manipulate the decision cycle of the masses is key to taking the OODA loop to a whole new level. Not only is the loop of the targets predicted, but as the results escalate, it shapes and adjusts the loop to desired ends. While creating these problems, slowly shifting demographics and creating social chaos, they are also forming a desired “solution”. The means should not be confused with the ends, since the end goal is world government, the solution itself is the final stage and trap – never seen as the main focus. Over time slowly shifting farm subsidies have grown agribusiness and international markets have been flooded, leaving many Third-World and developing nations unable to sustain themselves, and cultural hegemony allows for the decision cycles of many demographics to not only be predicted but also, in that chaos and strain (along with geopolitical distractions), directed. All the while non-white demographics have rapidly risen worldwide, despite not being able to provide for themselves, because of foreign aid funded by whites. When their population percentages are high enough and fully urbanized, globalists then shift things to push many of these populations into full-scale immigration invasions. The immigrants are pitted against the original demographic as if they were being oppressed, while the latter are being bled dry to make this happen. The original demographic is brainwashed by leftist/humanist/globalist institutions, pushed to hate nationalism and traditionalism as false causes. Those opposing GMOs, agribusiness, etc. feed into the exact mentality desired, since they help to target the same target of all of this: identity and sovereignty of each nation/people. They do not see the whole of it and many only focus on health issues instead of the bigger picture. The traditionalists/nationalists are put off by being blamed and are too focused on the social issues that are the distractions. Right-wing investors and entrepreneurs are put off by being blamed for economic issues that the Left and international banks created – they see the GMO/food false dichotomy debate with tunnel vision, purely as an economic issue and not for the bigger picture of it all, seeing those that oppose it as loons who just fear for the safety of eating the food. As this is going on, the economic and cultural ability to sustain a high enough replacement rate is slowly being bled out of Western Civilization to fund the expansion of other races that will invade it.

4. Maneuver Warfare – Sun Tzu actively sought to increase friction and confusion among opposing forces. Instead of targeting the whole in a war of attrition, schism and disorder take their place in the OODA loop to target specific strengths and increase weaknesses. This is where Islamic issues come into play and why they are made into such a threat when they do not need to be: Western civilization’s warriors will be killed off against the Islamists who were helped to attain their current strength so that the enemies of globalists can kill each other off while the last phase of their plan is enacted. The Islamists have been handled by the American government with purposeful military incompetence in allowing threats like ISIS to form, then given aid without oversight, allowed to immigrate or claim asylum. North Korea is also having its silly fool of a leader antagonized into other distractions, along with tensions in Eastern Europe being made into bigger issues than need be with US and EU interference. The agricultural economies of developing and Third World countries were attacked covertly and continually so that they would not influence events—though arming the cartels’ takeover of Mexico in “Fast and Furious” did help things along a bit, so it will also be easy for enemies to bribe an unstable Mexican government into using its territory as a quasi-military base. In the end it will be tricky getting rid of the globalists without facing attack by one of Western Civilizations’ many other enemies, especially islamists. The last importance of maneuver warfare is how it leads to its own “solution” in world government. Food and land are essential to sustain life while the last of the strong to take these needed resources back will be led off to die in wars which are purposefully mishandled to escalate the strength and power of their enemies. Once all the young warriors of Western Civilization are spent along with resources, guns and other means of protection will be confiscated and the veil will be lifted off of the world government. The focus has never been on the real attack – their means to the end world government is brilliant because once completed it can easily allow for a real war of attrition through starvation of opposition. The means has many uses to sustaining the end goal of globalist world authoritarianism.

To be continued…

Concepts and Estimates of the New Political Spectrum

The new political compass this article will present is meant to scale between two axes for the mindset of people following different political ideologies.  It is important to look at the old political compasses as to understand why a new one is needed.  Below is an example of the mainstream political compass paradigm (though there are variations).

The above spectrum would place generalized Communism in the upper left quadrant – and Fascism in the upper right, which is equated with National Socialism/NAZI party that in actuality are not synonymous with Facism.  This political compass is too superficial and wouldn’t be able to account for variation between the American Communist Party and the USSR of the past.  The libertarian right quadrant above would cluster Confederate, ANCAPS, Anarchists and Constitutionalists together, which shows no correlation in mindset or outcome.


Below is an example of a newer variation of the same type of political compass.  The above and below pictures might seem very different, but any changes of the latter from the former are arbitrary.  Both are based off of the wants or ideal goals of a political stance as opposed to the reasoning of those that chose to follow it.  The below compass is specified towards political divides in the current US system only, while the above compass has different terminology with the axes reversed to apply to an ever broader (more oversimplified) demographic.

Both of the above graphs are based on ideal outcomes and wants, yet the second is even more misleading because it is based off of a false premise.  There’s no such thing as equality in reality – the best possible outcome is equity.  There is also no such thing as total freedom; this whole graph is based off wants without a realistic approach to get close to either.  It is common that those who make equality or freedom their goal will end up under authoritarianism.  How can this compass accurately tell us anything at all about the people following it or other possible correlations?  This compass is in itself propaganda to make people base political stances off of emotional reasoning without considering realistic options.


The new political spectrum has a horizontal axis based off of a globalist vs nationalist mindset, while the vertical axis is based off of sustainable/realistic policy vs self-destructive/fantasy based policy.  For example, wanting no borders or indiscriminate immigration is a clear example of a globalist mentality.  Thinking that race or ancestry is a social construct is also a sign of globalist mentality.  In-group loyalty and wanting the best desired outcome for ones own people over other’s interest is an example of nationalist mentality.  Global expansion does not in and of itself indicate globalist mentality – keep in mind that global expansion is a way to promote nationalistic interests.  Globalist mindset is about no in-group loyalty.  Pacifism is an example of self-destructive/fantasy based policy, yet so is overestimating the need for aggression that will hurt one’s cause or constituents.  Sustainable/realistic policy is striving for efficiency that maintains natural order and the overall best interest of its followers.  The top half of the horizontal axis will establish a known merit-based hierarchy with an upward pull for preservation and have a pyramid of less micromanagement.  The bottom half of the horizontal axis will push the ideal of unattainable equality and/or total (yet unrealistic) freedom yet cause chaos leading to a need for authoritarianism.

The metric is not close to beeing fully worked out to scale graph points – below are some estimations.  There’s been a lot of trial and error going into the concepts behind the two axes that the metric will correspond to – the placement of each bullet point will likely change; the color coded quadrant is likely to stay the same.  This is a whole new political spectrum system that will take time to fully develop, yet the first step is getting the concepts out there.

A pattern started to develop:

-Bottom Left Square: Perpetual-victim based groups and total equality/freedom oxymoron promoters tend to fall under this area.

-Top Left Square: Humanist or Religious based groups tend to fall in this area.

-Bottom Right Square: The most abusive with the highest death tolls and grievances against their own and others.

-Top Right Square: Strongest empires or those with the most potential to lead to bringing greatness to their people.

-Horizontal axis: separates chaos/authoritarianism from merit based hierarchy.

-Vertical axis: separates overtly aggressive from passive-aggressive.


The patterns are based more on outcomes, while the graph placement is based on the mindset of the people in the political movements themselves.  This new political spectrum unintentionally showed a definite correlation between mindset of the follower and outcomes – the intentions or wants of the political parties are irrelevant.  This compass shows how the mindset of it’s followers makes Anarchists similar to the American Communist Party.


Feminist Apeasment of islam and Conversion: A Method to the Madness

What draws Westerners and Europeans to convert to Islam?

The surface level response: that women who convert to islam are desperate and/or naïve; that men who convert to islam just want to commit heinous acts and feel righteous about it.

To an extent these basic explanations apply, yet there is a deeper underlying sickness- conversion to islam is a reflection of the regression of Western and European civilization. After deeply contemplating this question, one can go a bit deeper into what the subconscious motives of converts might be and how they mirror the subversion of European traditional cultures.

Another related question that will be addressed is: Why does the feminist platform side with the left that appeases islam?

The lack of traditional values and natural order in Western and European societies creates a type of void, especially for women, and deeply frustrates men. Emotive reasoning is used to justify why feminism is needed and programs people to jump into trigger responses when this antagonistic dynamic between the sexes creates a chaotic environment. Post-modern society has targeted healthy forms of patriarchal influence to break up the family unit at the base, which compounds into the loss of communities and up into the loss of healthy societies. The two genders were meant to be complementary as opposed to competitive, and though many will not admit it (even to themselves for not losing face is valued higher than admitting and fixing fault, another ominous example of a crumbling society with no honor) people are hardwired to seek the harmony of natural order. In the West and Europe, males are constantly emasculated while women are pushed to lose touch with femininity as if it equates to weakness, this dynamic is solidified into being a norm by the media, public schools, politicians/legislation and social settings. The only form of patriarchy not attacked is rap/pop culture and that of perpetual victim groups like muslims, so the only forms of patriarchy left are the unhealthy versions, creating a cyclical cycle of apportioning blame in ways to compound the spiraling downward dynamic. A clear example of this is Sweden’s blaming its muslim rape epidemic on ‘patriarchy’ while censoring out the fact that the rapists are muslim, as to not be ‘racist’.

The fact that traditional cultures have been disintegrated now leaves the West and Europe with a shame based void filled by materialism and distorted multiculturalism instead of natural order. There are no healthy examples to follow, and most can not admit that this is the root of their frustration, if they are even able to see it. Those that are too brainwashed into saving face or too simple minded to understand the above concepts still attempt to find a way to quell this frustration, so they go from one end of the extreme to the other. Leftism is the flip side of the same regressed coin to those in the West and Europe that convert to islam, the destructive version of traditionalism.

It is a set up where the left is playing both sides.

The destruction of traditionalism and natural order pushes the youth into social settings that promote materialism, superficial interaction, and push meaningless promiscuity under the guise of brainwashing slutiness to mean freedom, while treating healthy traditional values and natural order as oppressive- promoting what is emotionally and spiritually destructive while blaming the void it creates on what is constructive. The single mothers and emotionally destroyed women created from this can feed into feminism, further blaming healthy patriarchy on the causes of its own push for “sexual freedom”. Those leftists who begin to resent the post-modern options or other shamed and disenfranchised youth with no healthy options will then look for the only traditional outlet they can find: islam.

There will be a direct correlation between areas deeply immersed in leftism and conversion to islam- European Union countries are starting to see this rise already, but this is just the beginning.

Many wonder why the feminist platform does not stand against islam. It is because their true intentions are to maintain an air of having the moral high ground, they are no different than any other perpetual victim group of the left. They are all about continually shifting blame instead of taking responsibility to create a better future- victimizing under the guise of moral superiority. It is no accident that leftists push emotive based humanistic reasoning to trigger the masses to only care about intentions, when they are clearly conflicting with bad outcomes- loss of societies healthy support structures leading to a least common denominator is the end game.

Leftists feel that as long as they are part of a perpetual victim labeled group then it somehow does not include them with the groups of their peers that they shame. It follows suit that leftists would see converting to islam as a good means to circumvent their frustrations of not having natural order, while constantly redirecting the moral obligations to face the problems created by the muslims they let into their countries, still redirecting blame. The further into islamic immigration invasion a country falls, the more leftists might convert out of fear of taking responsibility for what they caused and to continue blaming others by being part of the perpetual victim group, if they are not already part of another perpetual victim group or needing to fill a void of it. Leftists have no honor or ability to admit and fix faults, they lead European and Western civilization into a downward spiral.

The sole purpose of each perpetual victimization group is to grab power for the sake of domination alone, the left just ties them together for its own globalist end game of chaos in need of world authoritarianism. Feminism falls in perfectly with islam, it’s not senseless or contradictory like it seems. The fact that the left champions feminism and muslim “advocacy” at the same time proves that there is no logical method to the madness of their supporting masses other than the desire to blame. However, there is a clear agenda by those leading the masses since they mirror their masses by allowing intentions only to matter with no accountability. Places further regressed into leftism, that push feminism on the masses, sink deeper into the stages of the islamic immigration invasion and will have increasingly higher rates of conversion to islam: It is the design; a way for the masses to never face problems that they created with an inevitable end game of desired chaos in need of authoritarianism. The globalist trap is set up to be a cowards way out for their idealistic, spineless masses.