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A Traditionalist Stance On The islamic Threat

Tradition is not the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire.” -Gustav Mahler

Idealistic morality based off of the Enlightenment period is now normative. It has permeated almost every political party and movement – they seem to compete for which will hold the higher morality based off of this ever-rebelling premise. The mainstream left vs right is disguised as opposing sides, when really they are just two ends of the same Globalist spectrum. The Conservatives are fighting an uphill battle by trying to hold onto Modernism, while the Progressives are pushing through to full scale Postmodernism, yet no mainstream groups are rejecting the slippery slope of Enlightenment-based dogma as a whole.

The anti-islam movement is very much in the battle for morality between two ends of this same spectrum. The lack of democracy, inequality, wealth disparity, political freedom, oppression of women’s rights, inability to coexist in multiculturalism, etc., are all very common mainstream arguments against islam.

The Enlightenment’s legacy pushes for pathos based morality; it is no wonder that the present era has developed extreme emotional hypersensitivity to prevent the exploration of their stances’ illogical outcomes – the further left on this spectrum the more absurd it gets. Their false sense of morality is unquestionable since it revolves around feelings and offense instead of ethos. The inevitable moral paradoxes create the need for “oppressors” and “perpetual victim” groups: the higher in victim status a group is deemed to be, the more that group will trump other victim groups when it comes to a conundrum of conflicting stances. Likewise in asininity, the groups deemed to be privileged “oppressors” are overlooked for any type of merit, thus instead of emulating the strong, more perpetual victim groups are created. This oppressor-victim mentality is even more enticing to the Globalist mindset because it comes full circle into feeding their self-proclaimed moral superiority – the social justice warriors can create the bad guys to fight off while giving them a ranking system to put their paradoxical “victim-groups” into a pecking order.

The (Post)Modernist ranking system is why the Left leads the Western appeasement of the islamic immigration invasion, while the Right needs to constantly push counter narratives for other victim groups as justification to oppose islam – a perfect parallel to show the enlightenment legacy’s spectrum from Left to Right are the flip sides to the same coin.

The world not only glorifies those seen as victims, but all must wait to champion or become victims in order to fight evil. The public outcry of the world when any use more than “proportional force” when fighting islam, is a telling sign of this era of absurdity.

Leftists don’t oppose islam even though it is the antithesis of all the idealistic views they hold, because muslims are a higher ranked victim group – they are among the least functioning, laziest, and most self-pitying, so they can put on a good show to shame the “oppressors” with.

The only thing oppressing islam is it’s own primitive and regressive ideology.

Globalist mindsets stand for everything at once and thus nothing at all, because there is no logical method to their pathos. Modernity holds their destructive, fictitious victim-oppressor paradigm as the highest importance, so the only place the Conservatives can oppose their left of the spectrum from is in defense of other victims. The only use a Traditionalist has for arguing this point should be to show the inevitable, paradoxical outcome of all rebellions stemming from the Enlightenment, leaving their lands susceptible threats like islam.

What weakens Western Civilization most to islam, is the destruction of it’s own superior traditionalism. The Western world is becoming more and more r-type since the Enlightenment period, thus on some subconscious level the rabid, r-type traditionalism of invading muhammadans is left as the only politically correct option to fill that void. There is a strong link between Feminist appeasement of islam and conversion or self-destruction of Europeans. This is why many Modernists do not have such high zeal in opposing islam, they have lost their own k-type vital force – Western Traditionalism.

Islam is not the root of all problems in the world, it is a deadly symptom that has run amok because of a weakened host. Islam is a destructive force that needs to be purged from the earth; not watered down, excused, assimilated, or any other fantasy Modernist ideals for dealing with this viper. It is the duty of the strong to vanquish the plague of Islam once and for all – Western Civilization must lead again.

Cease arguing against Muslims from a victims narrative that needs to wait for more victimization to counter with proportionate losses. The world must stand united against islam, but the West has to rise up to its duty and oppose the immigration invasion from the hordes seeking to destroy their posterity – for once the West falls, the world will follow. It is vital to destroy islam from a stance of strength, not weakness.

To find the resolve for what is to come ,Western Civilization needs a return to traditionalism so that their people may regain their vital driving-force.

The Postmodernist looks upon the islmic threat for a safe place to apportion blame and excuse them, or ignores the threat all together. The Modernist looks upon the islamic threat and is scared, sad, and worried. The Traditionalist looks upon the islamic threat and wants to take up a spear and plunge it through every last islamist in sight until the enemy is smote or one must embrace a glorious death in pursuit thereof. A revival of Western Tradition is the fire needed to purify the earth of the islam and the Enlightenment’s sickness that has festered far too long.