The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile.”


No one chooses when and where they are born.   No one chooses what type of society they inherit.  No one chooses the indoctrination that they are raised with.  One can choose to either live complacently in comfortable delusions or face the pain of losing false realities.  However jarring the realities of today’s world are, it will affect everyone regardless of whether they choose to acknowledge it or not.  No problem can ever truly be faced if the premise to any solution is based on delusions.

Everyone lives in varying states of false and deceptive realities; the hardest step down the never ending road of truth is the first.  Initially, seeing light after a life in darkness will be shocking and searing to the eyes, not just for the harsh truths in the world but more so for the truths pertaining to oneself that burn to the core.  This type of self-realization is as sharp and painful as a blade between the ribs, but if this is not one’s first step then the direction is still paved in delusions and any awakening that follows will only be another outlet for subconscious frustrations of what one does not want to see or take responsibility for.  The people who cannot first conquer themselves will open their eyes to the world with a distorted and dulled lens, sheltering themselves from the heavy price of truth at the cost of warping their perception.  

One can not go back to believing they are blind or not realizing their sight is filtered once the choice to open their eyes has been acted upon.  What follows the initial self realization is as much of a deterrent as the pain of that first step is itself, if not more so.  The road of truth is really a road of burdensome choices and responsibility.  The worlds most dangerous delusions are those that cannot be resolved at the core until they are exposed by those born into positions that exposure will have the highest risks, losses and shame.  To be able to expose these delusions externally can only follow internal self realization with the understanding of why those delusions were held onto within oneself in the first place.  

When people approach world problems from behind a filtered lens they look for safe places to direct blame, which creates a self-perpetuating cycle since counter-attacking external threats to one’s own false reality is an innate response.  This cycle will only lead to the root causes never being addressed within the groups perpetuating them, instead those groups will come together within their respective groups in a blind united front in defense of  their common false reality against each other. The effects will worsen while being blamed on the other side, eventually leading to very high amounts of resentment and violent conflicts.  This allows for the effects of the world’s problems to be constantly targeted as if they are the cause, further compounding the depths of the false realities at the core of these world problems.

The cause of a problem stemming from false realities can only be resolved through discourse once it’s realized and addressed first by those who are a part of perpetuating those causes.  Even though most people continuing these cycles did not begin them, those people are then a part of sustaining the false reality.  This cycle can only be broken (without external force that still doesn’t resolve but further compounds the animosity and antagonistic compounding cycle) through self realization on an individual level, and then choosing to take the obligation upon oneself to try to initiate the hardest change.  Breaking the silence from within individual’s respective groups is crucial yet agonizing in the world of today, in which morality is equated with emotional hypersensitivity and any that use logic to oppose these idealistic delusions are demonized.  Once a self-realization is truly made then ethos obligates the individual to face the world’s emotive trigger responses from a society unrealistically based on pathos with the cold, harsh, needed reality of logos.

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    1. Thank you G. H. Griffiths. I will be writing more soon, I have just been a bit busy. I have a whole list of article ideas I need to work on.

  1. Well little lady that was most refreshing. Your talent for writing is a beautiful gift that needs to be shared. Keep up the good work and thanks for the pointer to this blog…I’ll be back for more.

  2. Hi, sorry to disagree, but Plato was wrong because he wrote from an assumed sovereignty of thought which would cause his own judgements of himself to be flawed. Therfore, because you predicated your article on his saying, so are yours and so would mine be of myself. Descartes was wrong too. There is a far greater quotation that you could have used, as many do, but with little understanding when it is used. Write me and I wll tell you. I listened to you today on Red Ice Radio and I wanted to sit and talk with you as I found you very compelling. I am just a sevent two year old fellow living very close to the centre of the Great Spider’s Web, ie. in the UK. Peace to you.

  3. …inspiring. the awakening is indeed the most challenging metamorphose of any person’s life. just caught you on RIC and got a huge mental boner. keep up the good work. <3

    1. Ah thank you, I will check it later on a computer. I am dyslexic so I misspell things all the time. Written language isn’t my strongpoint, but writing is an easier medium of expression than an interview if you’re nervous and shy. Looks like I’m stuck with writing.

  4. Hey Rachel! I listened to you on Red Ice with Lana and absolutely loved your thoughts across the many topics you discussed. I have never felt the need to email any other nationalist, but after listening to you I really wanted to write you. I guess I was surprised to see someone with such similar views on things as myself. Not to mention of all things a lady that’s part Ashkenazi lol! 😉

    I think it is pretty comical that the only reason Lana found out about you was because someone wrote to her raging about how you were not to be trusted, all because of your part Ashkenazi ancestry. I’m sure he was furious to see Lana didn’t take his advice and watch out for you lol. This has always been the biggest problem with our movement. Idiot nationalists who are so blinded by their hatred they wont even take an ally that is on their side. Not to mention ruining any chance of changing minds of other whites because of their arrogant attitudes.

    It always astounds me that the biggest enemy of Europeans is ourselves. Whether its bleeding heart liberals that want to see our race extinct, or nationalists that drive people away with their lack of acceptance or understanding on how to approach other Europeans with their ideas. Sometimes I wonder if nationalists even know a damn thing about how their own people operate internally. For when trying to persuade another white to become nationalist, they either ruin it with their attitude of knowing everything and anyone who disagrees is an idiot, or constantly throwing racial slurs against blacks or Jews. This is why nobody wants to be nationalist, it is still thought of as a hate movement. When in actuality it is a movement of love and pride. But many don’t know how to handle the sensitive topic of races and their differences.

    For example, when I talk to others about my beliefs, I do everything I can to not bring up differences about race and the many problems of other races. I try to explain that every person has the right to their own culture and ethnicity, and that all people should have the right to preserve who they are. That is real diversity. Not blending us into a dark race with no difference in cultures or faces. So in the end, I, like many other nationalists are the true believers in diversity. And sometimes it works and I don’t need to go any further. The problem is when people don’t agree and keep pushing for a better reason for my beliefs, even though I shouldn’t have to. A blue bird doesn’t have to defend its right to exist. The fact that it exists already gives it that right. But sometimes people keep pushing, so I have to go into the differences in races such as IQ and behavior traits. I know whites don’t want to hear it so I try to avoid it like other nationalists should at all costs. Because honestly, I don’t want to say it. It doesn’t make me happy to say other people are inferior, and I wish it wasn’t true. This is why our movement will always be in a constant battle. Because we base our understanding on facts and logic. And unfortunately it isn’t always a kind thing. And since whites don’t want to be hurtful (neither do I) they either put it down as ignorant hate, or just go for the watered down conservative approach.

    My point I’m trying to make is that we already have the nearly impossible challenge of waking up most Europeans, so we shouldn’t be fighting ourselves over pointless things. Lana ended the show saying a similar thing about how we fight over meaningless things, and its a problem I have noticed years ago.

    This is one thing I picked up from the interview about you that I really like. Though you are clearly very intelligent and headstrong, I feel like you have an open mind on many issues and are always willing to hear another opinion. Even though your blog makes you come off as pretty hardcore in your thoughts lol 😉 I have always been the same way. I know that feminism and communism is a complete fraud, but if someone tells me its the worlds solution, I will still listen to what they have to say. Our movement could learn from listening to others and being kind, even if they know what the other is saying is false. Kindness will get our cause a long way.

    On a different note, you might be the only person I have come across who feels the same way as I do in regards to the complex issue of Jews. I like your idea of the persecution complex and its a similar conclusion to what I have come to as well. Unfortunately I’m sure many nationalists will hate you because of your softer view towards Jews. The problem is that like anything else, its not an either or situation. There are suicidal Jews and nationalist Jews that hate Europe. There are globalists that see Israel as a problem that gets in their way of world domination, and globalists who want Israel to be the ruler of the world government. People tend to think that these internationalists are all part of the same plan, and they are when it comes to wanting world government, but they fight and disagree when it comes to the proper pathway for it. You have a very fair and thoughtful approach to this issue, but unfortunately you will probably just be labeled a blind Israel supporter by many.

    Why most nationalists think that all Jews belong to the conspiracy I will never know lol. I understand thinking that it’s a Jewish led domination because in some ways it is, but the average Jew isn’t apart of that. One of the most important ways of defeating these globalists that I have concluded is to awaken the average Israeli to being pro Jew AND pro European. If both people connected to the same cause it would be a much easier victory. Because at the end of the day they are using both our people.

    Even if many Jews hate Europeans, it is because they are taught that Europeans are Nazis. The solution isn’t to make them our enemy but to awaken them. If we take the same narrative that most nationalists have in regards to Israel, then we should also be wanting to destroy the Swedish people because of their radical leftist views. The problem at the end of the day is the rulers who are conspiring together to destroy us, not the foolish people.

    It’s topics like these I really hate typing lol I would love to have a deep discussion with you for hours on these many issues. You have the kind of mind that I would love to get to know 🙂

    I haven’t read too much from your blog yet, but I plan to read it all. You are an amazing writer with a vast array of intelligence Rachel. You bring a lot of value to the cause.

    Well there are a lot of things I would like to continue typing about, but my hands hurt lol so I think I have typed enough for now. I hope you are doing well Rachel and I pray you will be out of California soon lol 😉

    Best wishes, Isaac.

    1. Hello Isaac,

      Thank you.

      Yes, over the years I have seem to get a few people that get a bit obsessed with me and end up making up weird things to spread around.

      I really like your understanding of things, and I by no means am trying to say that jews aren’t majorly contributing to leftism in the diaspora. I do think it is strategic to try to get through to some Israeli nationalists that their own left of the diaspora will hand them up to the UN. Their persecution complex is all that binds them and is very detrimental to Israel and to Europeans, so when any try to go nationalist they tend to run into the hollywood stereotype of Nazis. This does nothing to give context to what lead to WW2 and pushed Germany into Nazism, nor does it even depict actual nazism. It fits the exact stereotype that is promoted to make all Whites seem like rabid racists instead of wanting to preserve their people and love their people. Right now is the perfect time to turn Israeli nationalists against the left of the diaspora instead of uniting them more through the persecution complex, when they aren’t actually united in end goals. I plan to write an open letter to Netanyahu soon and post it all over his pages and pro Israel pages.

      I used to use my first articles to appeal to Israeli nationalists. Here is the link with an exerpt… I also like using terminology like “birth right” or “right of return” for things like South Africans stuck in that hell, in regards to Whites to show them that if they want to maintain those things they need allies with them. http://www.facingmyownreflection.com/europe-is-the-birthright-of-europeans/

      “Nationalism is the spirit of a people’s identity. Nationalism is loyalty to ones own people and nation.

      Nationalism is striving for the prosperity of ones people through unity and community.

      Nationalism is the desire for political independence from globalist interference.

      Nationalism is common aspirations, values, ancestry and cultural characteristics that binds kinsmen together. ”

      I know it is hard sometimes to be a race realist, but it is truthful. I used to feel really bad about it years ago but I have conditioned myself to realize it is either my future generations or primitives that I will feel for.

      Thank you very much. I can be extreme on some things, even leftist Jews I would like to cut off like a gangrene limb. I hope you enjoy the rest.

      Best wishes, Rachael.

      1. Completely agree on the Israel issue. One would think more Jews would be on our side since many want their own homeland. But they get turned in many different ways by the political forces. Same as Europeans unfortunately. Nice to see you trying to wake both people up 🙂

        You brought up South Africa which reminded me of another problem when trying to awaken others to our cause. I don’t know what the percentage would be among nationalists, but it seems that most would like to keep the US as another white homeland outside of Europe. I completely disagree with this and have always felt that it is wrong, especially when arguing what we stand for. The reason being that this is not really our homeland. I’m aware that there is some evidence that whites were here before any other people, but Europe is our home and that is where it always should have been.

        I don’t see how we can argue saying we should kick out all immigrants from Europe, but America should belong to us because we conquered it. Aren’t Muslims conquering Europe right now? shouldn’t they have the right to set up their own zones and eventually take over entire cities? This is a problem where I think most lose the argument with liberals on, and rightfully so. The nationalist argument is we conquered America and built it, to which I reply, so? lol doesn’t make it our home and it isn’t fair to other peoples. This is why I don’t say I am a white nationalist. I am a nationalist for all people, not just my own. Even though I will always put my own people first. So when others say to me, “well what about America?” we stole this from the Indians so shouldn’t we give it back?” I reply yes. If it were up to me I would give the land back to all 16 Indians that still live lol. I realize the Indians and Mexicans wont do a damn thing with the land, but that isn’t our concern.

        It’s the same with South Africa, if the blacks want the land back, they should have it. If I understand correctly, when we arrived in South Africa there were not any blacks in the area. At least not at that point in time I believe. So at least that’s an easier situation to defend. But whitey just cant learn his lesson with other people, and continues to want to uphold and uplift everyone.

        I am certainly not saying what was done to the Boers was okay, but I put more blame on the French and Dutch governments than the low life Africans that killed whites and ruined the country since taking it over. I blame our governments because they refused to come to the aid of their own people when they needed it.

        And to be honest why would I be mad at the murderous African leaders and citizens? I don’t expect anything more from these people than that. Did somebody expect intelligent and fair governance based on law and justice? From Sub-Saharan Africans? LOL.

        We need to take the enormous loss that we have done to ourselves from trying to fix the world and just deal with it. Take the weapons so they cant wage war, and call it a day lol. Would like to know your thoughts on the issue of America Rachael.

        Also its nice timing since its Thanks Giving today lol. Hope you can get a break from typing so much and relax 🙂

        Enjoy the holiday miss Rachael.


  5. I caught your show on 314.
    Outstanding and very well spoken.
    True Meta Information.
    You are a brilliant girl.
    It would be an honor and a thrill to meet you.



  6. Thank you for doing the show with Lana on radiothreefouteen. This will help weed out some of the racists who have latched on with redice and radio three fourteen.
    Best wishes from Alaska!

    1. Thank you, and sorry I havent been posting lately. I started to write many articles that needed to have more articles in background info that I decided to make them into a book.

      I plan on getting a twitter in the near future.

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