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A Double Standard

“Obstruction of justice may consist of any attempt to hinder the discovery, apprehension, conviction or punishment of anyone who has committed a crime.”


The left has long been so out of control that their politicians and even their heads of law-enforcement have decided that they can pick and choose which laws they will enforce and which they will ignore.  This selective law-enforcement has long allowed them to administer de facto legislation.  All across the country, politicians from the local to the state to the federal level have not only decided to not apprehend criminals that illegally cross into this country but also have allocated funds from American citizens to help these illegals further their crimes in the way of permanent residency, licensing, education, and medical expenses.  This is illegal – politicians and sheriffs/police are committing the crime of obstructing justice by hindering the discovery, apprehension, and conviction of individuals committing crimes.  Politicians are further committing more crimes by granting illegal benefits to these criminals they should be apprehending.


Every single past and present politician or law enforcement agent that is committing, or has willfully committed, this obstruction of justice should be removed from their position and criminally charged.


The entitlement of these officials to disregard laws and make decisions that explicitly violate both the word and spirit of our laws needs to end.  Since Trump has been elected, they are so emboldened by their long-standing power play that they are publicly threatening to not follow the enforcement of immigration law.  The republican response of federally defunding these areas is not enough.  Not only should they be defunded, every single past and present law enforcement officer (sheriffs included) and politician that refuses to deport illegals, or has aided their stay in any way, should be charged with obstruction of justice and lose their position at the very least.


Right wingers across the country must demand their federal representation address this issue by responding with rage at our leftist political overlords, and demand justice.  They must do time for their crimes against this country they’re supposed to serve, as any of their constituents would have to.  The double standard in this country for the political elite must end – politicians and law enforcement must not only serve the law, but be held accountable by it.