That Which Plagues Us – A False Diagnosis, Part 1 of 3

A False Diagnosis

Brainwashing is blamed as the cause of today’s leftism, but this is largely not true. Most ills in modern society are the doing of peoples’ own temptations, and the inability to stand up to loved ones creates slippery slopes from these collective temptations. Sure, over-exposure or early exposure to vices can normalize them or bring about the means to temptations that are already there, but that normalization is made up of every participant of the deviant action.  The problem with calling everything “brainwashing” is that it asserts that these horrible dynamics are created from malicious intent instead of the “victims” perpetuating them. It ignores how historically ineffective intentional brain washing attempts have been, overlooks how consumer-driven markets allow this to reach massive scales (not for some underlying scheme but simply for the bottom dollar), and obfuscates the problem by casting it as the all-knowing will of some external actor instead of the collective conspiracy of every single addict or true believer drawn to these destructive vices.

By misunderstanding the problem, you will misunderstand how to fix it.  There is no counter-brainwashing that will work.  The problem isn’t a top down one, it is made up of not just “leaders” but of every follower of each particular vice.  You don’t save people from themselves by coddling them or creating a victim narrative through externalization.  Cycles are not ended by blaming someone else and relinquishing people from the responsibility of their actions, no matter if they were part of a collective or not.  There would be no destructive leftist movements or lifestyles or addictions without every single person that makes up part of that collective or statistic.  No top down power structure will save everyone either because it’s simply the wrong direction for the given problem.

There would be no feminism without feminists. They are not “brainwashed” because they choose to accept narratives that appeal to them – especially the desire for power they perceive men to have.  People aren’t destroying marriage and pair bonds through cheating because they were brainwashed into it but because there are no consequences for their actions.  You do not fight this by blaming a tv show that shows cheating in a good light – because that show is a consumer driven product. You stop adultery by holding people accountable to social and/or legal consequences.  Cheating is only normalized by those who want it accepted. This is not brainwashing.

No-fault divorce isn’t some top down conspiracy that was created from nowhere. Democratic systems allow people to elect those who push for things they want. No-fault divorce benefits many people who do not want to be tied to the responsibilities of their actions.  Every person who breaks up their family for selfish ends and temptations is to blame for the collective loss of family values.  You cannot (reverse)brainwash people into family values, nor appeal to them based on instant gratification, but you can make people responsible for the consequences of their actions, intended or not, and demonstrate what is best for the long run knowing it is their choice to work for that or not.

It’s not that most can’t get past their “programming” it’s that people are not meant to live in massive cities or interact in online social networks. People are meant to sync with their tribe and that tribe will cease to exist if they promote self-destructive behaviors – civilization has replaced tribalism and taken on a life of its own, while creating a life for you that you are not meant for and is unhealthy. Being kind to those you love is always more comfortable than correction, so this acceptance of every illness in urban society only degenerates it faster.  Peoples’ collective temptations and impulses perpetuate part of the “programming” like a drop of rain in a storm, as do their loved ones who believe that “loving” them requires they not correct them and accept even destructive tendencies. By removing all agency from these people, it assumes it is someone else’s responsibility to fix them. Agency is seen as some all-or-nothing state of being, where if someone keeps doing something bad and doesn’t stop themselves, then they no longer have agency.  If they are part of a group committing destructive actions, then they are said to no longer have agency and must have relinquished their agency to some external actor who “brainwashed” them. This is pure malarkey.

For this to work, you must find someone else to blame –an absurdity to be sure. Agency is about responsibility and you don’t lose agency by refraining from hard work and facing the repercussions. Excusing such a person makes them even less likely to accept it is within their control and creates a circular cycle of externalization.  While everyone falls more and more into dysfunction, waiting for someone in an inherently corrupt power structure to save them, who will be functional enough to save others?  No one is saved that doesn’t want to be saved, and this is only effected by effort on their part.  This is the cold truth of reality.

If a person has a drug addiction you do them a disservice by excusing their behavior as a disease… as if this was done to them by outside forces. It allows them to use that as an excuse and crutch, or even as a means to get attention or pity. People should give them support to break the chemical addiction but should not coddle them. Appreciate their ability to stop and give positive reinforcement for this, but there needs to be disapproval and repercussions for continued destructive behavior. If they do not stop, they need to be made to suffer the consequences of their actions. The “disease” is not responsible for their life’s decisions – they are! By making them hold this responsibility they are more likely to overcome the obstacle instead of being defined by it. Agency doesn’t mean that someone is always going to do what is right for them, it means they make a choice even if some choose to not put in hard work or use will-power.  A collective of people might justify their choices, but numbers don’t make each person less responsible for their actions. The more excuses accepted the more excuses that will be made.

If people start to punish or demonize destructive actions and hold these individuals responsible, those who perpetuate the destruction will either change, leave, or soon cease to exist. If people are allowed to externalize the agency for their weaknesses, their destructive tendencies will only increase and they will for sure cease to exist in time, along with all those they influenced.  Everyone seems to give excuses for why they can’t take a stance against people in their personal life, as if being kind is the only form of care or love you can have.  If you love someone then you must love them enough to edify them and take a stance against unhealthy behaviors.  If you cannot stand the temporary disharmony in your family that will result from trying to stop their destructive ways, then you should be embarrassed to complain about how they are brainwashed into their beliefs and actions – they are coddled into them.  When met with no judgment or standards by their family or peers, people will continue down the path of whatever vice feels good…because they can.

Charity isn’t the only thing that starts in the home – correction, edification, and responsibility within your family must be started and maintained by your family, including you!  Your line is your responsibility from birth until death and in these times people forget this fundamental aspect of natural order.  In older times, not teaching and edifying your line could end you all; in easy times you still have to protect the health of you line or they will cease to exist. The world always has been a dangerous and unforgiving place – some things may change but in the end no one will save you if you are not willing to save yourself.

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