That Which Plagues Us – The Prescription, Part 3 of 3

The Prescription

The tv is not brainwashing your kids, you’re simply not parenting. Take some responsibility. If you can’t sacrifice your time or standard of living to invest in your children, then it is your fault if they are raised by the tv and exposed to the content and values therein.  You know what is on tv, the onus is on you to cut it out of your life and your children’s lives.  This era has the easiest living in recorded history but people are too narcissistic and greedy to give more of themselves to their own children if it means they themselves might have to live with less comfort or convenience. If you have a family member who is raising a child in an unhealthy manner, or is themselves living harmfully, and you can’t be bothered to take a dignified stand with your family, then you cannot blame anyone other than the person in the mirror. If people do not have responsibility for their children and families, then who does? Who SHOULD? You ought to be embarrassed to blame the tv when you sit idly by in comfort and do nothing so you can “keep the peace.”  Everyone feels so brave when they externalize their own shortcomings onto X group, but become quietly passive when it comes to their friends and family members. They prefer to shy away from any meaningful action in their personal lives, in favor of self-victimization.

It only costs your dignity and agency.

Are westerners so cowardly and incapable of meeting any opposition to not even take the risk of addressing an issue in their own family? Is being friendly in your home more important than the long term outcome of not addressing unhealthy behavior? This is why the tendency for tolerance towards those whom you have a close personal connection with leads to far more slippery slopes than any brainwashing ever could. If your sister is raising children in a lesbian relationship and you haven’t even voiced disapproval in an intelligent and calm manner, then don’t blame some abstract bigger picture.

It is common knowledge that those identifying as homosexuals tend to be far more chaotic and their lifestyle is less likely to lead to a fulfilling, life-long pair bond, and are incapable of naturally making a family but they will ignore this and demand their unions to be on-par with traditional marriage, because their acceptance is more important than what is healthy for society or themselves.  Their family members love them so they will wear their support of “gay marriage” like a badge of honor, as if the utmost importance in one’s life is public acceptance for every part of the gay family member they care about. The modern person thinks they cannot love someone while disapproving of aspects of them or while seeking to correct them.

Most will do anything possible to ignore their own (or those whom they love’s) shortcomings, when there is nothing more honorable to face. It is very rare yet healthy for people to admit a mistake or explain the bad result of something they did. These confessions serve as warning to future generations. They show that they care more about correcting a societal problem they didn’t catch in time for themselves rather than maintain an illusion of moral perfection. Having agency means you make choices with the info you have, but there is always going to be trial-and-error or unexpected results from unknowns that lead to bad consequences from good intentions. Everyone has to maintain agency to accept this reality. Negating brainwashing as the root of human ills isn’t saying you have no excuse not to be perfect, it’s the first step to long-term health for your line by confronting the imperfections that need to be worked on.

In earlier times, if you enabled family members to act in dangerous or self-destructive ways they would simply die out.  These times of easy living and comfort have allowed people to delude themselves into believing that the preservation of their life and bloodline is the responsibility of everyone else but themselves.  Race-realism is important, but do not let it become a scapegoat away from the self-correction of your own people.  You cannot possibly ensure the survival of your race if you don’t even have the mettle to confront your own siblings, let alone address the self-destructive culture your people have imbibed.  This is the problem with the modern era and its large-scale, top-down focus: people forget that strong foundations build healthy homes.  There will be no savior from on high; the huge global system itself is only a symptom of the problem… our lack of roots is the actual problem.  If you cannot sacrifice for your children and take stances against your own family members, there will be no chance of changing these destructive cycles.

Introspect on how much you have done to help your own before speaking of brainwashing by an opposition.  No one is asking for criminal charges, but social shaming or even calling-out is the least you can do. Reality is cruel, immoral, and unforgiving. People that make it past huge obstacles are not the type to expect others to save them or expect the world to be fair. You have to take an active part in saving your line, or you will only expedite its end. There will be no reversal of trends if people are all quiet for the sake of “getting along.”

When people negate their own agency, they are compelled to perpetuate their unhealthy behaviors by making peers either accept them wholesale or place blame onto something intangible like brainwashing in order to escape the uncomfortable necessity of conflict.  Slippery slopes come from everyone accepting the destructive behavior of those they love because no one can be bothered with confronting them.

Morality signaling doesn’t stem from brainwashing, it stems from hubris, artificial connections and social attention.  Victims’ morality comes from the sloth of those who only seek instant-gratification so they don’t have to work for what is healthy in the long run. The idea that life is supposed to be perfect, that the world is not supposed to be dangerous but instead a utopia, and that the reasons and hardships that make it so everyone isn’t “saved” must, by their reckoning, stem from some form of external oppression or a conspiracy to brainwash people.

Brainwashing is an excuse and counter-brainwashing is a false hope – both place top down power within a destructive system as the key to fixing problems supposedly created by the same top down power.  Those who put in effort for their own lines will have prosperity for their posterity.  There are no shortcuts that will allow for everyone to be saved, a fantasy which is itself regressive and unnatural.  Excuses are the invisible tombstones of all the lost lines in history.

5 thoughts on “That Which Plagues Us – The Prescription, Part 3 of 3”

  1. Compare the divorce statistics of 1950 and 2016, or the last year you have data from.

    Then compare the children living in single families of 1950 and 2016.

    Then compare the people that have depresion from those 2 years, the comitted suicides, the committed crimes, the number of sexual partners, the prevalnce of STDs- etc.

    Did human nature fundamentally change between 1950 and 2017? Or there are _outside forces_ indeed, that shape our attitudes.

    That is where the biggest flaw of this series is. You can always whip Whites based on whatever standard (that is, standard according to you) they cant live up to. But human nature has been the same since the last 10 thousand years. Clearly, something is awry.

    Ultimately, what all this boils down to is the same libertarian/classical liberal nonsense, that the “world is your playground” you can be whatever you want, etc etc.

    At least 80% of the people will always follow others (their peers and authority figures), otherwise society would cease to exist. Those people will never be ‘rugged individuals’, or whatever you think they should be. You ultimately have a problem with human nature itself. Of course, that checks out, whether you think yourself to be as a libertarian/classical liberal (bullshit utopism all the way), or as a jew (eternal revolutionary spirit, always discontent with how things are), or both.

    Your second article, the seven cardinal sins applied to our society was halfway decent. Perhaps some Catholic influence along the way? School maybe? But the basic premise is false.

    If we think in religious terms, then the ultimate originator of all evil is satan and his demons. now: has the past 67 (and more) years provided satan with the technological means to further his agenda? Absolutely.

    If there is porn and sexuality and drugs all around the people, Does that influence them (regarding drugs, watch: “Heroin, Cape Cod, USA.” its not on youtube as far as i know, but im sure you can get it somewhere)? Of course it does.

    Is it the same as if these factors (sex, porn, fast foods, drugs, TV, including hollywood, the media that normalizes all this shit) were not there? Of course it is not.

    Technology and social environment that provides temptation has to be banned, or at last heavily curtailed. That is where the libertarian philosophy fucks up big big time. Everything that curtails unbridled free-market capitalism is a big no-no in the libertardian dictionary. Oh well.

    This is the answer. The people want to be guided. They want to be shown the way. They need somone who makes these temptations practically unavailable.

    If it entails a nationalist dictatorship, so be it.

    The state is not the enemy, the state is a tool. You can use for good and bad. The world is bigger than fucking murriga.

    1. The concepts in the seven deadly sins predates Christianity and Satan.

      So basically you think some top down entity will be able to curtail our use of and access to technology (we at least both seem to agree this is having a negative effect on both Europids and the world population percentages) for our own good yet will somehow be able to maintain power within global completion while pulling us out of the tech/war/economic (they’re all interconnected) race? To me this seems a bit beyond optimism but I would like to know how you think this would work.

      My next question is in what ways is this libertarian? That’s confusing to me.

      I do think human nature stays the same but that those subject to different levels of impulsivity or addiction can shift with population percentage as well not just exposure… and I do think all groups have been going through dysgenics which is also something we can see when comparing 1950s to today. The evolution of civilization itself has an inverse relationship with the quality of the average hominid. I do not think that it’s within the possibilities for a top down measure to save everyone from themselves and that nature could do a much better job – this is not how I wish it was it is me being realistic.

      Also in older times if I told someone that they needed to stop their kids from playing by a cliff instead of hoping someone else will stop them from falling over the edge, that’s not whipping them it’s giving helpful and realistic advice. We have become so overly civilized that we forget that our lines survivial is our responsibility and that is extremely destructive to any people.

      1. Every single organization and unit is power structure, “top down entity”, including family, corporation, military, secret society, sorority, etc etc. There is something at the helm, “on the top”, who has definitive infleunce on where things are going. Have you ever been employed? Have you ever got into an argument with someone higher on the ranking than you? Then you know what Im talking about. There are top-down structures, everywhere you look. But its all fine, except when it comes to the state lol, according to libertarians. Complete nonsense.

        “The concepts in the seven deadly sins predates Christianity and Satan.”

        Really? what is the original source? According to wikipedia, it has been christian all the way. of course, we can always say something like “the concept of car tire predate cars by thousands of years, goes back to the wheel of ancient mesopotamia”, but a car tire is very difernt from a mesopotamian wheel. the seven deadly sins are markedly christian, it is useles trying to take it away from its religious background.

        what your statement really says is that you use Christian concepts wthout being Christian, maybe that is what is called “cultural christian”, which would fit into “cultural libertarian”, loosely defined softish right wing.

        “yet will somehow be able to maintain power within global completion while pulling us out of the tech/war/economic (they’re all interconnected) race?”

        I think you wanted to write competition instead of completion. The race is because europeans provide other races with technology. Second, the basic undeprinnings of modern economy are wrong. The root of all problems is fractional reserve banking, with fiat currency that has interest on it. We need to expand and expand economically, to feed the ever-growing debt-bubble.

        other than that, curtailing/restricting technology is easy: ban porn, ban drugs, make all soft drugs very expensive, in scandinavia, it works. it needs a high-trust envrionment of course, those who play around the rules shall be shunned. Consuming drugs needs to be like shitting on the table. Take over media, the universities, sweep out the leftist trash, symbolically and concretely. make fast foods very expensive, introduce euro feeding habits (american meals are twice as big as euro meals), get sugar out of most foods, etc. this seems technical, but it would stop the obesity epidemic, the drug epidemic, it would have a positive effect on divorce rates, i could go on and on, this is just a cursory look.

        You are being libertarian by blaming the people instead of the system. By blaming the individual instead of the society, or the elite, by misplacing the emphasis. Man has always been a social animal, we are not single isolated islands. BTW, alot of western individualism is an american concotion of hollywood bullshit, coupled with the fact that america is not a nation, it has never been a nation, and it wil never be a nation. It is a hodge-podge of european peoples, where the lowest common denominator rules.

        In Europe, you are first a member of the nation, german, english etc, then you are meber of the religion (catholic, protestant), and only third you are member of the race. Euros are White, and much-much more.

        sure we have dysgenics, but noone really knows what that manifests in concretely. We have people with genetic sicknesses whou would have died like a century ago, fine. but how is the inner quality of people declined? It is a much tougher question to answer.

        What I’m saying is that dysgenics can be used as a trump card to rationalize every social malady we have.

        “I do not think that it’s within the possibilities for a top down measure to save everyone from themselves and that nature could do a much better job”

        That is where you are being a libertarian, social darwinist. by the way, of course ther cannot be EVERYONE saved, 100% of them, that is silly. “Nature could do much better job”, in what? Killing ‘undesirables’/the weak? that is surely not “saving everyone from itself” LOL

        “if I told someone that they needed to stop their kids from playing by a cliff instead of hoping someone else will stop them from falling over the edge, ”

        If only things were ever that simple, right? But they are not. modern methods of consumerist propaganda suffice for psychologcal warfare.

        Let me persent you a parable. Let there be two neighbourhoods, A and B

        in neighborhood A, Lets say, we legalize drugs, all drugs, and flood the neighbourhood with them. You can buy heroin, cocaine, whatever you wish etc, for a few dozen bucks at most.

        After the junkies start to appear and overdose, and DIE, we raise our eyebrows, and declare on a pontificating voice that how people are trash, they are full of gluttony and lust, they are beyond redemption. They just have to be writen down, discarded as garbage. This is modern society and human nature you see, there is nothing we can do about it.

        While in neighborhood B, we banned all drugs, and those wou couldnt ban, we made them very expensive. We executed big-time dealers, after a while, nobody dared to peddle drugs anymore. Result: very few drug and alcohol related incidents.

        libertarianism is neighbourhood A: you introduce every single poison you can imagine, then when the comunity falls apart, you open your arms, raise your eyebrows and say: “See? This is human nature, we cant do anything about it.”

        Before you say: “i am against drugs, /hard drugs” etc, this is only an example of social darwinist thinking. you can apply it to media, porn, fast food, sugar, etc, and now you almost have a checkmark next to all of your deadly sins.

        Lets just take away the temptation, shall we? We DONT have to kill half the population just to show how rotten human nature is. by the way, this is is why libertarianism is a cancer of the mind.

        1. You seem to have som fixation with libertarianism in that anything that you don’t agree with you deem libertarian.

          I never said there were not too down organizations, I am saying the quality of people within them matters. You cannot lead what is not capable of upholding what you’re trying to lead them to do. Also you assume that people at the top of any structure have complete control and can predict any outcome and cause any desired outcome.

          There is a very good book called “Stoicism: traditions and transformations” that outlines the ways that Roman stoicism morphed into the Roman Catholic 7 deadly sins… but by all means keep reading Wikipedia, until you find a reason to disagree with something you find on there and catagorize it as a Jewish plot lol.

          The expansion is not just to feed a debt bubble but to feed people’s demand for instant gratification and easy living. The competition is not just with other races (though it is hard I create tech and completely hide away from all others) do you think Europid groups would just come together and decide to cut down tech and not compete with each other? Let’s just erase the last few thousand years of europid competition that lead to an ever gloablizing world and the industrial revolution, that will all just stop if we just stop the banks!

          “In Scandinavia it works” what works? They’re some of the most degenerate people in Europe currently.

          “You are being libertarian by blaming the people instead of the system. By blaming the individual instead of the society, or the elite, by misplacing the emphasis. Man has always been a social animal, we are not single isolated islands.”

          The people make up the system. Laws didn’t change top down, feminism didn’t happen top down. It would be almost impossible to force a people into a system that they are not meant for and that is why I bring up dysgenics. You are being a complete nurturist thinking that people only are a product of how they are raised. I bet your understanding of dysgenics also comes from some wiki article. I don’t even feel like reading the rest of this babbling bullshit.

          Also I’ve never said I think people are isolated islands and. Blah blah blah…. I think we are meant to live in tribes and live locally. I also do not think that because a father leads the family that he shouldn’t make his children responsible for their actions and discipline them. However, the scale of comparing a father to a large scale state is in itself absurd.

          What is dysgenics to you? Like your understanding of it?

          1. “I am saying the quality of people within them matters. You cannot lead what is not capable of upholding what you’re trying to lead them to do.”

            So people cant follow orders, or what?

            “Also you assume that people at the top of any structure have complete control and can predict any outcome and cause any desired outcome. ”

            I dont assume that, but if corporations can be trusted with power, then so can be states.

            Dysgenics is the worsening genetic quality of the people. But what does it actually mean, how does it manifests mentally?

            I dont see jewish plots right now, other than jews blaming the victim, the thing they usually do. Is it cultural or genetic? Dont know. But that is what you seem to be doing.

            The senseless brinwashing that does exist in the medis, in the advertisements, contrary to all the wishy-washy senseles talk needs to be curtailed. That is what i said.

            “In Scandinavia it works” what works? Restricting alcohol use. Scandinavia is still 80+% White, whereas the us is only 60%.

            I havent read that book, but its good to clarify, that you have nothing to do with Christianity, then. Good to know.

            “The people make up the system. Laws didn’t change top down, feminism didn’t happen top down.”

            interestingly, feminism was very largely jewish.

            not that i see a jewish plot here, but jewish women are sometimes more masculine then jewish men, definitely more masculine than white women, due to hormonal imbalences that is dues to jewish inbreeding practices. Talk about dysgenics, huh?

            I am not acomplete nurturist, that is horsecrap, but when i put poison in front of the victim every day, and when he finally drinks it, i DONT triumphantly say “see??!! human nature!!! I told you!!”, like you do. I dont blame the victim. I rather remove the poison.

            “I think we are meant to live in tribes and live locally.”

            Libertarian pipe-dream, will never happen. Modern society need the state. Living in a tribe is funny, until the power gets cut, and there are no resources to fix it.

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