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This is a right wing blog.

Topics that will be focused on include islam, leftist Jews of the diaspora, perpetual victim groups, globalism/leftism, feminism, shame mongering, cultural marxism, moral relativism and much more.


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  1. Rachael – By what process do I have your writings delivered directly to my e-mail? Is there a “Print” function or is it just “highlight” and print “selection”? Thank you. I appreciate your writing style and content. Frank

      1. Hi Rachel,
        I live in Australia, and if you did not know by now, there has been a Sudanese crime wave in Melbourne.
        I would like to forward you some articles about it, because these animals are totally out of control, and perhaps you could shed some light on why this may be occuring.
        Over the past 12 months carjackings have gone up 80% in Melbourne alone, as well as home invasions, machete and tomahawk attacks, numerous violent crimes, etc. Do you have an email address at all? thanks

        1. Sudanese are in my top list of ethnic types I hate, right next to somalis. That sucks you have so many there… are they all very new? I would love for you to link more info in a comment. Sorry I havent checked the site since I last posted and just saw this.

          1. There is so much crime that is impossible to list.
            They have been rioting, carjacking and doing endless home invasions, as well as armed robberies and gang rapes. This is mainly in Melbourne. Yes they are very new, and a Brisbane lawyer told me that many of their crimes are being repressed in the media, esp: gang rapes in queensland.

            if google, “apex crime wave melbourne”, you will see innumerable references to these animals. Here is a link from one of them literally attempting to blow up a gas station. (wtf? who does this?)



            there are too many article to mention, but safe to say they seem to be destroying everything they come into contact with.. here is a link to a gang rape on Jan 1


            female cyclist stabbed with a boxcutter


            I myself live in Brisbane, and you will not believe this, but a group of Sudanese refugees moved into a house 3 doors down from me. They were fighting on the street, sometimes against other islanders, maybe 3 or 4 times per week? I would hear yelling and screaming constantly.. All of the sudden the noise went away.. I spoke to one of the neighbors maybe two weeks later, and they told me one of the Sudanese had stabbed someone to death.. So yes, they murder people as well..

            not much to say here but if you do some digging i’d love for you to write an article about it.. Funny thing is the rabid left wing media is again treating them as the victims..

            thanks Rachel!

          2. I’m sorry for my late response. I have been moving across the country the past weeks and things are completely hectic.

            I remember a bit about the Sudanese from my anti Islam days, the norther (Muslim) ones I believe have huge fueds with the southern ones, and still take them as slaves. Also the manipulative little shit in the US with the bomb-looking clock stunt was half Sudanese and half white (further proof that any admixture with primitives only gives them more manipulative and conniving means of opposing Europids). They are in my top least favorite ethnic types along with Somalis. I started to write a post on how this relates to leftist Europid projection and a few other drives so I’ll have it up within the week for you. It will not be as much about documenting their destructiveness (which is obvious to see) and more about the underlying drives I think this shows in coddled leftists.

  2. Hi Rachael, I really enjoyed your interview on Red Ice. You spoke very well so there’s no need to be negative about that. I confess that I was surprised by the depth of your knowledge given the limited world experience that you admitted to yourself. Anyway I loved your interview and actually learned a bit – am trying to convince my wife to listen to it.

  3. You should really write an essay on how many of the Globalist/Billionaire Class/Nutjob Jews are actually anti-Israel (Soros, for example, funds ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’, which is not moderate in any way but blatantly calls the whole of Israel an ‘occupation’).

    I am well aware of the heavy Jewish influence on the decay on Western civilsation (sorry if you do not see this); however, I don’t believe it’s exclusively Jewish like so many others… I think many are used as henchman. And because of the diaspora, there are so many different types of Jews and they shouldn’t all be put into one box as such.

    The UN is anti-Israel, constantly siding with Islam (yet the UN is supposed to be owned by “Zionist Jews”).

    The Pope did some anti-Israel stuff and basically called the ‘Palestinians’ oppressed martyrs or something (but the Pope is supposed to be owned by “Zionist Jews”).

    There’s… something heavily Islamic the last 20 years especially. Let’s not forget those Mason/Shriner hats look like Islamic fez hats.

    Also your thoughts on Israel being sacrificed to kick off a hardcore WWIII would also be interesting to hear!

    Would just like to hear more of your thoughts on that as I felt you got sidetracked a little on the radio show, which is natural as talking on radio I imagine is nerve-wracking in ways.


    1. I am more of a bigger pictures type of person, than details. I am working on a few projects right now and I don’t know if I will have time soon to get to trying to decipher which Jewish internationalists are overtly or covertly anti-israel (Yes Soros is a clear one). There are also lots of people in international oligopolies and organizations that are not Jewish, but I get why the focus has just been the Jews. If people only look for jews they will see them everywhere, for example some leftist Jews opposed South Africa while Israel was their last ally… What no one looks at was that since the 50s Sweden lead the boycotting and opposition to South Africa and since has promoted a lot of muslim interests, including financial donations. I think everyone needs to realize that Jews aren’t the only people with agency and everyone else a victim, but that there are many shades of grey.

      I hope I didn’t seem to be making the case for a Jews-dindu nothing type of dynamic, I don’t believe that at all and I do see them being very influential all over the map. I do know that regular Jews themselves are just as prone to humanist brainwashing as any, and that the persecution complex makes them far more likely to be and harder to break out of. I was trying to show how this is self sustaining, and doesn’t allow them to be anything but enemies. Their right wing ones, or israeli nationalists rush to defend their own left that screws them over because none seem to get the reason why the left and right doesn’t like them. Any that try to come over to trying to be race realists and pro-Europid nationalism get reacted against all the time, and either hide they are part (which I know of many of these) or end up going Zionist (to them it just means Jewish nationalist) and that persecution complex once again is reinforced across their left and right. I just see that as not strategic at all, not excusing their extremely influential left (that I myself am ashamed of every time I see and would be more than willing to feed to feral negros). I am not the type to understand as a means to negate agency or accountability, many of their left are so insane they could never be saved… Like growing gangrene.

      I am just pointing out that it only makes sense they don’t go pro-nationalist often since they can’t unless they want to go from leftist versions of self hatred to right self-hatred. I think those drawn to nationalism for the right reasons are not going to want to self hate as much as it would take for them to make alliances with many on the right. The hypocrisy of it in some ways is in the design, try to put yourself in the shoes of a waking up ashkeanzi that wants to go right wing, but everything he encounters reinforces the narrative the persecution complex. Where do they look to then? Zionism, which internationalists use as something far different than what actual Jewish nationalists see it as. If I thought Israel alone was causing all of this and not part of a divide and conquer shifting trap, I would oppose them more than any. People seem to think I am now a “zionist” since I want to show that it is more complex, when I care more to show this dynamic for Europids as a whole to not fall into it when waking up… If I didn’t think it was a trap I would completely hate Israel too. So some of the reactions I am even getting go to show me how impossible by design it is for any Ashkenazi to try to support Europids as a whole or go full race realist. So I like to put out concepts or other vantages for people to understand how the bigger picture compounds, more so than detail oriented. In time I will get to that, for now I am still trying to figure out more to do with the bigger picture and don’t have much free time (I am into politics in place of what most people would do to relax like go out with friends or watch tv, this has more been a side place for me to put out some of my ideas but I could never run a mass blog on my own I wouldnt have the time).

      I agree and the UN is the face of something I think is much more sinister, while most write it off as insignificant. Slow shifts create a snowballing effect.

      Yes see I agree, and humanists have taken over the Cath church… People see jews on both sides, and the inconsistencies are only maximized by the persecution complex reinforced by seeing Jews on both sides. This is exactly why South Africa was long tanked first, far more strategic to use Zionism as the fall of the last nationalism.

      Yeah so many think that Israel somehow controls the Muslims, but if they wanted to use some primitive group to be their mastermind henchmen they wouldn’t pick some volatile arch nemesis for this and have themselves completely surrounded. Negros would have been much easier. There is no group ever that gets away with more than muslims.

      I will have to write on that, and I do think they will be sacrificed in WW3.

      Oh it was so nerve wracking that I was nauseous before, during, and since. I am somewhere between an INFP and an ENFP, I do not like to be in spotlights I just felt it needed to be said.

      Thank you too.

      1. Thank you for such a detailed reply. Read it all and can agree for the most part. I didn’t mean to come of as all “you should do this! and that!” – I just liked some of the direction the conversation was going in. I am the same personality type, so I understand how doing radio – and the comments ensuing – would be weirdly traumatic in ways.

        I’m also thinking Israel will be sacrificed. It makes me sick thinking of it – the smugness and the rejoicing of the Islamists. I am a huge “mindfuck” to white nationalists… I acknowledge the varied roles of Jews in our downfall, but I also can’t help but like that Israel exists… while it could do so with much less of our funding – we all want to be tribal with our own nations, so why not Jews, too?

        I just like how Israel throws a curveball into the vast swath of Arab Islamic colonisation across the region. And “Palestinians” really are just Jordanian drama queens… let’s be real.

        But seriously – Israel is being set up for a fall. I can feel it and can read the writing between the lines. What kind of fall? Who knows. Time will tell I guess. You writing something on that from the ‘bigger picture’ perspective is something I would definitely look forward to reading.

      2. So true. In Australia the leading multiculturalists are Greeks. Multiculturalism for Australia but right wing when it comes to Greece. Mary Kalantzis, Andrew Theophanus, Mary Kostakidis, Nick Bolkus etc. If you look for Greeks or anyone particular group you will find them. I could have made a similar list of Italians or Poles. Ironically Jews didn’t catch up on this until the late 80s or early 90s with the Liebler brothers. In fact Jews are more assimilated in Australia than most post war migrant groups.

  4. Heard the red ice interview. I just wish I could find more women like you. Trust me, they are hard to find. Anyways, hope you get hell out of Cali. Good Luck to you!!!!

  5. I listened to your interview on Red Ice Radio last night. I was impressed. I appreciate you being a race realist. I just hope you have thick skin because no matter how sensible you come across on the issue of race, there will always be a percentage of people on the alt right that will look upon you with suspicion just for that fact that you are half Jewish.

    I take the less popular view that if a Jewish person looks White, they likely are White and won’t hate them unless they are anti-White. I take this more liberal view because I am about 3% Native American. This isn’t as big a deal to people in the pro-White struggle as someone being half Jewish. However, I have talked about my ancestry in the third person with pro-White people. Many of them said that I wasn’t White. This in spite of looking completely White, having mostly White autosomal DNA, but most importantly being pro-White and fiercely opposed to White genocide.

    Years ago, I crafted a PERFECT method to determine who is White, who is mixed and who is non-White. Read this over and tell me what you think.

    I am also working on a mt DNA research project that would likely be of interest to you. I will e-mail you the deatils.

    1. I have very thick skin and for years have been a race realist with all the people I know in real life. I have had a lot of opposition, but over the years I have actually red pilled many friends and family members. It was worth it to lose others.

      The ironic thing, is many people over the years have confided in me that they are part Ashkenazi. I think I am just more open about it, and others who try to be that I have known end up reacting because the left they are against brainwashed them to be self hating, then they go to the right and have to be self hating where everyone blames them or hide it. So over the years I have had very thick skin, but I think it is weak to change stances because people don’t like you. I have yet to know what it feels like to not have everyone think I am an oppressor, growing up brainwashed socially by the left I hated myself for being White and now for years I have ignored some nationalists who hate me for being part Ashkenazi. I don’t many can do it, I have seen it happen and over time they react and turn to Zionism to not be self hating. I am not a Zionist at all, I just think the dynamics are more complex and wanted to give insight. I have had many part ashkeanzi that get mad over trying to go nationalist ask me why I want people to like me that hate me and why I hate myself. I tell them I don’t care if some internet people hate me, I care about the Europids I see daily that are my fellow countrymen and have never disliked me for being part Ashkenazi.

      I think many people are unaware of how many different layers of ancient people modern day Europids are. I also think many miss the forest for the trees, if good genes are in a person who is 3% native it is absurd to think we should lose those genes… Especially now with such horrible dysgenics by percentages within all sub-races of Europids. Many people with not the best genes seem to hyper-focus on extreme extents of purity, which is fine and they can have their separation, but if nationalism every prevails it will have many diff groups and nations break off. A lot of wonderful genes in the US have some insignificant amount of native, and if you are high functioning I am sure you will be wanted somewhere.

      I will check out the website. My mtDNA is J1C, which is quite different from all other J1. I will send you an email about the DNA research project.

  6. Interesting stuff. I caught myself submerged in your blogs and I like the interview. Some where on down the road there’s going to be another great bottle neck except this time it will be man made. It’s going to take a pretty tough smart brain to make it. Like many of the other hominoids in the past eventually one will make it. I think some of the ones still around today made it by luck some made it being more cunning. This next time will see ? . . .

  7. Sorry if this has been stated already, but I want to subscribe to this blog and don´t know how to do it. Would be nice, if you could help me!

    1. I’m sorry I’m so technologically handicapped since I grew up completely without any internet access unless limited and supervised. I have no idea how people follow blogs, I would assume you copy the website and save it.

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